I was wondering if anyone could share some artists who they know are awake by the lyrics in thier songs etc. I know of a few and i am trying to subject my self to better musical artists.  I will start and if you have any input it is greatly appreciated.


K-os, Dub FX

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One group I highly recommend to people is thievery corporation, beauty-full uplifting music, always makes me feel good, every albums is great, my favourite group by far. Check em out.

yes, thievery corp is legit!!  heres one of my favs..

sumerian records. M.I.A., headhunterz, ces crue, theres a good number of newer bands very much awake.

  • The Robots - In the sign of the Octopus


Immortal Technique is awake.

 Rich Mans World (1%) is one of many songs.


I'm glad you asked that. I love music and have found it rotating back to a state of evolving as of lately. Its as if you cant stop the universal voice from helping people with music. Music is  "a" key. I call it Universal Music, because it is a bunch of universal messages spirited through those artist who will allow it to come into being  in order to encourage, awaken, and heal the totally misguided people.of our planet. ANY-WHO  this is one of my favorite artist Janelle Monae' :)

I was thinking, I love the lyrics on this song. Sharing the lyrics is a nice way to share music.  Any-who The original video/song is in English, Regardless, I could only find the lyrics in Spanish. Lucky you know so many different languages brother. I hope you all like this family ...be well ... and have a good one :)

This song is called Lateralus by Tool. The entire album (esp. this song) is written with the fibonacci sequence. You have to play the album in the fibonacci sequence for it to "sync up" This video was someones school project and does a good job of explaining some thing about the sequence and the song. Enjoy :)


thanks really great choice I'd like to find more stuff like this one

blessings to all medicine people making medicinal music. just found this collection.




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