I was wondering if anyone could share some artists who they know are awake by the lyrics in thier songs etc. I know of a few and i am trying to subject my self to better musical artists.  I will start and if you have any input it is greatly appreciated.


K-os, Dub FX

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i love thinking of how music has always been the chief carrier of truth throughout all of time. in all dimensions probably.

are you listening??

sorry, that was supposed to be this link "warrior people"

  Yeh im listnin

again i apologize for the doubles and bad format of my posts, I'm learning here.

this vid helped me through some very tough times the past couple years. 

I want my soul!! I want it Back!!

if you wish to survive you will find a guide inside...   tear jerker every time.

well i dedicate my life to the people who need the light, help them rise above the scam of the land and their lives and i'm cuttin' like a knife all the lies by the slice independent of this democracy is really worth the price, my request is reasonable this tribe undefeatable ambitions to be movin' to the solutions that are feasible its unbelievable all the slow movin' people and they could care less just as long as they are comfortable man its unforgivable because the condition now is critical whether or not your ready we are now approaching the pinnacle its difficult to say exactly what to do but the change begins with me and i reflect it back to you and you and you and you,,haha come on man, make the movement move... it all starts to make sense.. with all these omens and the moon phase we're in...

it all starts to make sense.... this guy's an eruption of truth!!



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