Music, Control & if it has had a detrimental effect on us or not.

Great question on music NfiniTINAked.


This is why I've been called to join the resistance right here. So here's my love.


Basically, yes- it does have a detrimental effect on us as the Nazis have planned. I've read It was under Hitler's regime that western music was changed from 432hz to 440hz in the 40's (not sure how accurate that is). But, I DO know to raise the vibe on a musical string you have to cause more stress by tightening it. Think about a guitar or piano or any string instrument. And it is exactly what happens to us. I've noticed for a long time that the extremely low frequencies/ELF's/(808's) that are put into the music work like trances/hypnosis and usually causes a person to act totally senseless when filled with spirits/(alcohol). 

But it's more than just the raising of the vibes to stress people out that the music industry is inducing. There is full-fledged spiritual and physical warfare going on with the music industry today involving the popular music we listen to, which is why I've chosen to break away from it. The extremely low frequencies keep a person cycling in the lower chakras keeping the kundalini energy from fulfilling its true function of balance in the body. Think about what most music is used for today. It's mainly used for dancing and to incite mating which ignites the lower level energy up to our solo-plexus. I've witnessed with my own eyes and my third-ear people breaking out into violence and rage after hearing really jagged low-frequency rap(e) & rhythm & blues music blasted at their bodies in clubs.


To Inner-stand why this happens you first have to grapple with modes/mood. (Same thing really)


Music has a lot to do with modes/moods. A musical mode is a interval spacing of tonal frequency, color, and length that incite different moods in the listener. To explain this system simply, just think about your kundalini energy and each of its sections of the body. Each section starting from the root, and ending with the crown chakras is a different mode/mood of the human body that has to work in balance with the other creating "Harmony" (remember that from elementary/church choir for a second?). Musical modes/moods are the same. Because each of the corresponding modes in our music corresponds to our chakras, and our chakras to the heaven, it is not far-fetched to link the application of music with the control of our spirit- if we let it. But if we are too stubborn or are too spiritually ignorant to realize that something is altering our mood it can have really damaging effects. Coupled with subliminal messaging and back-masking our music has been made to turn us into consuming thoughtless zombie-robots who just consume without reason, rage like animals and slave to maintain these rash irrational states of debauchery.


But modern music uses disharmonious lyrics with atonal or drone/dark styled music grouped with jagged uneasing rhythms. Think about what everyone does after a long week of work and you'll inner-stand what I'm saying. Considering it's a normal 9-5 on Friday they go home to shower usually listening to music about how much money they have, or will spend on the weekend and how they'll destroy anyone who tries to outspend out-do or get in the way of this irrational form of catharsis from the self-induced slavery. It's a vicious cycle when you buy into the archetypes that the "stars" in the music industry "sell" for your "entertainment". (Basically allowing someone to entertain you is giving them free access to you conscious and subconsciousness mind. This access allows them to leave messages that control your behaviors like; "drink this vodka, look this way, act this way, walk this way, talk this way. Get it lol?)


Back to modes/moods

There's also a popular myth about Pythagoras playing the flute in the hypo-phrygian mode to a drunk and violent guy who was in turn rendered sober.



This is very interesting to me as Pythagoras was definitely apart of the secret orders and if he knew how to use the music of the spheres to change mental inebriation, the controllers of the music industry today have the know-how also. there's a lot more on that site also about music and the math behind it and how it corresponds to the spheres around us too.


Think about it, meditate on it and innerstand the things we have to let go in order to pick up our true god power to create not in an atonal disharmonious nature but one that uses the most intriguing and amazing harmony, that it causes the spheres around us to tremble with joy to join in on the vibe. Wholeness and higher vibrations to everyone here.


Also- feel free to hit me up with any questions you may have on the industry or about music in general as it is my life's path and it has led me here to help elevate my fellow man in love. For real(ity). ZPL

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Nice post!  Very interesting info

Thank you ! great info

Thank you for the post, it was totally worth reading. I can only hope more and more people realise what is in plain view and how it affects them... nevertheless a great lesson for all of us, peace. 

Thank you Zeropointlight, a lot was explained, especially that pop music appealing to our sex and emotion chakra, something which is repress in today's society or seen as bad/weakness comes out in dance,sound,shape , ad color combining the occult symbolism. great work

The Greek genius Pythagoras, which means "I am
the Python" or "I am the Serpent",

Great information!! I've always noticed how music affects me, that's why I prefer to listen to instrumental Smooth jazz. no words, that seems to work for me.



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