Always keeping in mind many are waking up every day it is good to have a list of preferred movies. Although I do no wholly agree with all the ideas presented the part of the concept is freedom by information. If you have trouble finding the whole copies of any of these movies let Us know as they should be available except for the ones that have not been released. If you have a suggestion please embed at least the trailer. 

Occupation 101

The Cove – Animal Rights";},"playlist":[{"url":";}]}">

Zeitgiest Addendum

Collapse – Big Business

America – Freedom or Fascism

How things Work

The Corporation

Food Inc.

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Isn't it interesting and curious that these are all movies put out by hollywood. It's as if they want us to believe all of that is true, guide us subliminally with metaphors that we attach ideas and values/beliefs too and then come up with our own conclusion, or so we think? ;)
Good point, and maybe both. To present concepts with deviations so that those who start to see through the net, and speak about it, are accused of being overly imaginative.

I guess my point is that any concept promoted through hollywood, should be analyzed very closely and the considered effect made aware rather than what our unconscious wants to do, and that is find similarities and sometimes make connections where they don't necessarily exist.
If You do some research- You'll find that behind hollywood is dynisian cult with lot of simbolism in they movies. And they telling us the secrets - put them on plain site so they are best preserved. Michael tsarion have real good presentation about symbolism and meaning of... I think it is called age of manipulation...
I prefer reading books made into movies such as Firestarter, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and T2 Infiltrator(the agenda of Skynet) because they reveal more details than the movie counterpart.
Tomatoes are ripen using Ethelin gas, Wow. That's upsetting because I love tomatoes.
I'd like to add to Food Inc.

This video trailer is very graphic, viewer's discretion is advised :-)
The Full movie can be watched Here.
THanks, Leon. That IS a great site (sprword). I"m watching Ring of Power now.
Attached are two torrents, one for Food Inc. and the other for The Cove.
I recommend the movie called: The Cube
this book/movie is awesome. they used the smoke from 9.11 in the special the commentary



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