The lady who officially wrote the movie the Matrix and Terminator and successfully sued the Wachoski brothers for stealing the whole thing will be online tonight on Blog Talk Radio. See you there. 7


Call-in Number: 1 (347) 884-8787

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The recoding will be uploaded soon as We had the chance to be online with her for 3 hours asking all the questions that many would like to know the answers to in regards to her life, the movie, and the real Matrix.
Is there an archive to listen too? The posted link does not work.. and I my search on i​siswisdom's BlogTalk for any trace of this does not show up
This file was too large to upload and can be found here. this is raw unedited footage.
Yes My Brother... Giving Thanks
Thanks Sevan,
I have been waiting for this.

Cheers brother.

We never said the book did not have any truth to it but truth mixed with lies is an awfully dangerous combination. Jesus is the brazen serpent on the tree, every Adept knows this, and it all becomes suspicious to me because he did not admit that but rather continues to hide it from the person who enters the church house. In fact wants them to believe opposite. After awhile I felt is was more of value to get the "innerworkings" of the information out rather than to challenge the religion/program itself continuously. She kind of reminds me of my mother so I didn't want to keep cutting deep :-) but the fact is We are the creators of the new future for the youth and these people have taken Us as far as their minds could especially in the era in which they were from, keeping in mind she started all this in 1981 when the Matrix itself was only really known by the Elite and a few rouge government officials. MARY MARI ARMY MARINE I still believe there is a positive and a negative to everything especially the fourth astral.
Wow I'm really late, I didnt know this was up here, listening to this asap! Thanks Sevan.



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