In apathy and depression, we feel as though desire is dead and it's no use.  We can't do anything, and no one else can help.  We feel dense, heavy, and see no way out.  We withdraw and play weak so we won't get hurt.  Our minds can get so noisy that we may go numb.  The mental pictures we have are the most limited and destructive so that we see only failure and how we can't and no one else can, as well.  We have little or no energy to act on our pictures and thoughts because inwardly we are being pulled in so many conflicting directions. Do you have these symptoms?

We have developed special instructions for Sub Consciousness Mind to fully eliminate depression and apathy. The technique makes the processing of your emotional mental problems automatic – by using of the “Anti-depressant” technique. The technique is a truly universal and powerful tool to process not only episodes from the past, but also emotional states.

Causes and risk factors for depression

  • Loneliness
  • Lack of social support
  • Recent stressful life experiences
  • Family history of depression
  • Marital or relationship problems
  • Financial strain
  • Early childhood trauma or abuse
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Unemployment or underemployment
  • Health problems or chronic pain

Negative emotionally charged or incomplete experiences are like painful programs and files that are left open running in the background of your mind, so they are using much more of your available memory and processing capability. These open programs and files also take a toll on our basic ability to function effectively in life. They create mental confusion and conflict because they are often sending contradictory messages that interfere with your conscious intentions and with each other. Besides that, they create BLOCKS in the physical body and keeping muscles in tension. To get release from this negative emotions, you need to close down these programs and files in your Sub Consciousness Mind (SCM).

Besides that, the technique automatically works through the emotional states that are accompanied be depression and apathy, like Bored, Careless, Cold, Dead, Depressed, Demoralized, Hopeless, Humorless, Inattentive, Indifferent, Invisible, Lazy, Let it wait, Listless, Loser, Lost, Negative, Numb, Powerless, Resigned, Shock, Stoned, Stuck, Too tired. Unfeeling, Unfocused, Useless, Wasted, Worthless.

The results of processing are amazing: In the very short term it eliminates problems, pains, fears, patterns and attachments. In the long term it provides healing, energy strengthening, mental cleansing, detachment and emotional balance. The technique manages more conscious choices, action instead of doubts and strengthens intention. It helps to improve your business, to enhance the relationship with loved ones, eliminates suffering, feels the harmony with the Universe and enjoys the every moment of life.

There are two types of people - the first type who moan and continue to be depressed, or people who want to take control of the situation, and still get the most from life. If you are the first person, then this “Solution: Anti-depressant” technique is not for you. If you are the second type of person then our anti depressant technique will compliment your beliefs!

The instruction could be read aloud or silently one time, including the phrases “Instruction for the Sub-Consciousness Mind” and “End of instructions.” After that, the Sub-Consciousness Mind will accept it as a guide for its actions. Please be aware that you need to learn “Merge’, “Clap”, “Hoppo”, “Execute It” processors before the use of the techniques. These processors are FREE and you will find them on Start page of

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Thank you for this. I will definitely have to try it out.

I read some text, beautiful and useful information!!


This is like NLP (neuro linguistic programming) for the mind?

Changing the vibration of the emotions..

for example if I fell loneliness, I can create a mental command «love» to transmute the bad vibration of the previous emotion?


 It's important to eat multi-vitamins, omega3, fruits, etc.

It's true.


I think It's also important to avoid : cigars, alcohol, juice with aspartame c02 and other malicious ingredients, fast-food... These contain chemicals that cause  mental changes



Yoga and exercise it's also good for the mind.




The cause of depression are many and diverse.  What does your program tell you to do about mind control by Gang Stalkers?  Or depression from not eating enough of or the right protein because you are hypoglycemic.   Depression can start by being tired and empty from a lack of nutrients in the diet and as time goes on, the fatigue prevents one from doing the things they need to or want to or that give them joy. If the nutrient deficiencies go unabated, disease can set it and weakness and fatigue become worse.  There is nothing like the inability to function on a physical level, to bring on a major bout with depression.  There are no "one stop shoppings"  "no one size fits all" "no quick fixes," for most people.  Anyone who participated in whatever research that came up with this psycho-babble, wouldn't have been there in the first place if they had the kind of experiences I just described..  And for the most part, would not be able to afford the "get fixed quick scheme" if they had been ill for any real length of time and unable to work.  The processors are free... and after a person has invested a lot of time and emotion into them, they'll find out that NOW, the techniques don't come cheap.  Then, you can just "reel em in"  "hook, line and sinker."  

Hi Taylor,

Right nutrition does not have anything common with depression. This is just the way to feed your body, what is manifestation of your consciousness on the physical level.

The roots of depression are inside the ego, past emotions that harboured in the sub consciousness mind. The depression is like the energy funnel that suck all the Life force. Eliminate the emotions from past situations and the hole will disappear.

Clap, Hoppo, Merge, Execute it, Love, Life and Money solutions are free. The price of Anti-depressant solution is less than monthly dose of the pills.

Enjoy you life,

Zen Master

Hi Zen Master,

   Thank you for your response.  I am sure that you must be very intelligent and highly intuitive, but I must disagree with you again.  While I am fully aware that I have issues  that reside in the ego and that I sometimes harbour emotions in the sub conscious, I am very aware of those emotions in my conscious mind.  I have spent the last 30 years researching and trying things to alleviate my depression.  I am very resourcful and not unintelligent, myself.  If physical factors did not affect the mind then we would not need to cleanse or take monotomic gold to help us ascend.  Please view the latest videos that I just watched.  Very compelling evidence.  I forgot to mention that I took anti-depressant medication for over 30 years consecutively.  They had me up to 7 at once by last year.  Then I decided to go off them.  I went cold turkey off of 7 different, very addictive pyschiatric medications with in a span of 10 months.  I was told that I would have to take them the rest of my life because of the how they have interfered with the production of my own neurotramsmitters, especially after 30 years.  I use SamE and GABA when I feel the need. 

The Biology Of Depression by Dr. Owen Wolkowitz Prof. Psychiatry UCSF

While it's clear that stress can make depression worse, it's never been clear why this is. Dr. Owen Wolkowitz, a professor of psychiatry at UCSF, explores the biological connection between stress and depression. Series: UCSF Mini Medical School for the Public [1/2010] [Health and Medicine] [Show ID
Depression is as Real a Biological Disease as Diabetes by Prof. Robert Saolsky Stanford

Stanford Professor Robert Sapolsky, posits that depression is the most damaging disease that you can experience. Right now it is the number four cause of disability in the US and it is becoming more common. Sapolsky states that depression is as real of a biological disease as is diabetes.
    For some people, Zen Master, the cause is just as you say.  Many other people are affected by various factors, none the same, and I take exception to people making blanket statements, thinking one size fits all.  I know that if I don't eat protein in the morning, it affects my energy level and mood.  If I have an ongoing dietary shortage of said protein and do not pay careful attention to what is going on with me, the depression can become overwhelming.  The sub-conscious-conscious factors are there as well snf are greatly exacerbated by a multitude of variables.  I have found a regimen that works for me and I have been using it for so long that I sometimes forget that I have a blood sugar problem or that I have a potentiality toward depression and if I'm not careful, it can sneak up on me, like it did recently. It was triggered by stress as well and the opening of old unresolved or I should say not yet fully healed emotional wounds.  If your Clap, Hoppo, Merge, Execute it, works for your depression then that's great.  Hoppo to it!!

Dear Taylor,

Thank you very much for your comments. I am very appreciate your position about nutrition, however you can eat whaever food, but if you have not eliminate the root of depression from your mind, your depression will persist for 30 years more. The practice is only criterion of the truth. This is dividing point - either you try "Execute it", learn Clap, Merge and Hoppo solutions and start to work work AGFLAP-CAP list (part 1 APATHY and DEPRESSION) or you can drop it and moan for the rest of your life.
I beliene in your divine nature and I know that you can eliminate your 30 years problem in 3 days forever. Good luck and please write me upon it will be finished.

Enjoy the every moment of life,


Zen Master I visited your site on the initial stages of ascension that happened to me, only they seemed to be happening in reverse almost, and I found it informative thank you, some dualities did not resolve but gradually over time, several months, many did in real life. I really went after the ego quite hard, which I realise several months later didn't help, it had the effect of stilling the mind to reach the adrenaline rushes you get when entering ascension, but I hadn't resolved some of that which needed to be resolved.

Now the ego has gone back too far in the opposite direction, and my meditations are  interrupted by inner monologue once more, even if I put it below the veil of a greater egg of consciousness to almost silent thoughts. My question is this. How can I still the ego mind to the level required, to still allow it to be usable as a personality, but not interfere with my meditations and possible ascension. I am still interested in ascension, and reaching higher states of consciousness, is it really just a matter of neutralising the dualities to allow consciousness to expand? What effect does this have on the day to day personality construct long term?

Thank you for any help.

Dear Mark,

You can purify your ego by cleaning every thought. In fact, all your pains are harboured in your Sub Consciousness mind (aka ego) and you see only triggers on the consciousness level. Thus, learn "Execute it" processor togerther with Clap. Merge and Hoppo and use it during meditation. As soon as your ego will provide you new though, just "Execute it" and smile. In fact, most of the persons do not have more than 2000 emotionally loaded episodes, thus you need to work out them. But, most of the emotions are about health (fear of death), love (fear of lonelyness) and money (full bucket of mental s***). As soon you'll progress with that 3 things, your mind become more lighter, brighter and liquid.

No fears,




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