hello wholeness vibrations to all, last night i had  strange dream that was very vivid and i became conscious so i was able to ask questions but iv seen my grandfather witch has been dead for 7 years at my aunts house during a party, i was exicited to see him so i gave him a hug and told him i missed him, anyways he go up and was about to leave so i followed him to the door and asked what happens on the other side, he said we come back to hell, then we appeared in a basement full of beings but i ignored this and asked my grandfather if there is another way or a way out and he was about to start explaining but only managed to get out within before he was cut off by a demon witch told me he was a lier, when this entity came my grandfather hurried off,(i hope i never got him in trouble) but i told the demon my gradfather would not lie to me and woke up what do you think? thank you

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Thankgoodness it was a dream !! Your worst fears ? I ask myself !!  I also have very vivid dreams of a much lighter nature <3

im not sure what im afraid of but im afraid sometimes in the basement with demons i wasent afraid of them i just wanted out lol  alough they tried to scare me but i was fully aware i was untouchable there :)



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