I would like everyone to keep in mind the strength of these full moons and how energy should be channeled on these days. You have three days to simply observe more closely how your energy is being directed. One day before the full moon, the "fool" moon lol, and one day after. Avoid arguments at all cost, avoid getting into things that take excessive detail and may be life changing depending upon how the decision is made. I'm making this short so everyone will read it. Keep your energy, stay, charged, and when its phase begins to wane, you have much more energy to manifest faster.

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thanks for the sound advice...
Thank you, Sevan. This is some wonderful food for thought...
meditating on it...
Thank you Sevan, the moon is deceiving for sure.

After all, how could something that looks so beautiful and lights up the night sky be sinister? :)
Whoa . . . (Like)!
wow...i always thought the moon was bad for energy...but wen i think about it now after reading this,ive realised that i have sooo much energy when the moon is at its fullest to the extent of feeling sooo warm withing like i am about to blow up,but its a good feeling tho
i heard that there will be a double moon tomorrow the 27th...
so it is truly the mars hoax... the fool moon... mercury the trickster, so it is mercury the great illusion... lol thanks ayzik to keep us out of the illusion...

check this picture out i just took a few minutes ago, 8-27-2010....

This is a big one.The biggest in approx. 20 years to be exact.






*This guy has no clue of what he is talking about in regards to what effects these moons cause.



Geat post Sevan 


My daughter noticed that the moon was wobbling a few months back so we researched it and have been following moon wobbles and how it effects us on different levels, in particular 10 days before and 10 days after moon wobbles there is evidence that suggest it triggers earthquakes especially if there activity with the sun also, however we noticed most the effect it seems to have on a draining feeling like you are emotionally being drained.  The research we did had 11th march trigger date (Japan) with the 18th,19th and 22nd of this month also significant dates, quite a few members of the family have woken up just from noticing that around these dates there is a feeling of manipulating emotions triggering arguments etc and have learnt not to feed the moon with these negative emotions especially not to make important decisions like ending a relationship etc,  but instead to understand that it has an effect and to ride it out.  We also noticed a moon halo just before the big freeze in britain in dec last year.


Love and light carley

And this way it could be a wonderful time too.  Thank you Sevan.




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