The thought came to me  in some meditation 


Why havent I shared this document on the resistance when you folks have helped me so much with this in unseen realms 


recently esoterickitty deceptionollywood and a few from her facebook crew helped me uncover some startling facts about some people i have included on my trauma document making it not only the largest masonic conspiracy in canada but also the largest hollywood industrial complex conspiracy.


I am not here to whine about my story rather to get my story known by people and help others with it, at the very least it makes a small novella on the MK mind control program in canada unlike cathys books mine is the modern times with new encoding and new people 



The canadian costa rican ambassador

The Vice president of scotia bank

Jessica alba 

hayden christensen 

Queen elizibeth 

and a few more from the power/masonic centres of canada


they are all apart of my own personal trauma document in our quest to uncover the truth I am proud to release this document on the resistance site with excellent insider info and observations 


Please see the updated links farther on in this thread to view the documents in written and audio format this format is 1 hour long and the written should always be referred to for clarification.


Spot on PRAWN :) 

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I was just thinking about your blog and found this post. It's very interesting, I like it, thank you :)

I appreciate what you both have said ... it is comforting ...

my only purpose is to aid others that now after reading can think twice of their existence and their path amidst so much illusion ...I am not expecting a super thread on this subject due to the highly personal nature but more the mysterious internet strangers that have helped to shape my identity may be helped by this document.


Thank you for the document, your story really unearth some things about so called peaceful Canada as well as made me more aware of whats going on behind the curtains

yes it is funny even how masked in illusion my reality is 

even though i have it all on paper i have to almost read through the document to reveal who I am and who my enemies are per se


because i go about my life ignoring this document until i have some level of perception to make me think 

maybe that person was apart of the luciferian mind and are angry at me lol 


the document serves as a basis for the church of techno to operate as a virtual ministry so that people are able to read exactly what brought me to being the virtual reverend that they listen to when they are bored 


thx for reading 

we are pretty sleepy up here but that is illusion lol 

much appreciated comments


- Shaun A. Delage

also it is a much darker realm of prison structure because the psychological operations is continuing for so many people... our rulership has been set back to george bush's right wing nutz and we are the monarch slave capital of the world.. I always have to feel safe of where i am going because I definately believe i am in a hell realm per se void of existence, all those I come into contact with are shells. Just people that dont realize the true nature of their existence nor do they want to address the illusions of their existence and this is the greatest flaw of humanity currently, this need to never want to expand the mind. But expanding yourself in a virtual horizon is only for the super elite that have money and the capital to fund their "avatar" otherwise your just straining to keep up with endless boredom to see everything shift. -[peace] thanks for your kind words

thank you for your very kind adaptation of my trauma document


I am over most of the stuff on here but I almost didnt want all those involved to go un-named

thank you for these inspiring soul talk

it shows me that people do truly care for one another here


peace love unity and respect :)




Hi Shaun, Your experiences make very difficult reading.  In fact, I think most people will find it extremely hard to even believe such things happen. It is quite amazing and a testament to your strength of spirit that you remain so positive and full of fellowship.  I don't know what you will make of this but have look and see if it resonates in anyway at all.

And the other thing is - the fact you have not caught any STDs.  It seems to go with the job description of sex slave.  Perhaps the PTB protect themselves by some secret technology that makes their slaves immune to sexually transmitted diseases.

Much peace to you brother. 

well, I believe I have had sex with dimensional beings that bordered on rape, when you make that accusation in the west much like cathy obrien you are into a new echelon of being, in some ways I feel above the law...but in other ways I am literally isolated and exiled and I dont mind the life its just that the range of experiences have made me distrust the sexual state to the point of asexuality - at the very least I find it essential to express my love for men in my art movement so I am not one to resist my own sexuality or attempt to vilify gay men or anything like that and I am proud of who I am and enough to recognize the true value and integrity of human life and existence - sadly those closest to me remain involved to the highest degree and my life is literally infested with this project monarch like it says in the main part of the document not only this but I have made complaints regarding my therapy that technically it contravenes the war crimes acts when you make those accusations I guess you go above the law a bit lol but other than that I am happy and content with my life in peace and harmony with myself - I understand that all earth based sin or choices are illusion made by those with power for those without - sexually transmitted disease free thankfully omg  that is why I am so scared of intimacy these days is because of the threat that has been proposed by the greater master level mason which I go into detail over - everyone I have ever attempted to -hook up with- to relieve tension per se has alluded that they are apart of the illusion through codewords that resonate with masonic ideology - I am closer to the resistance than ever before because people here recognize my true character rather than labelling me as a sex a terrorist or whatever in mainstream society :L)
Not readable on phone & it doesn't expand
Still looking for remedy to this mk ultra rid of queen faction there s the dissappearin faction playin hard all my id papers during a little snooze .
Knowing whom are the big player of this farce that been the butt of my whole life ..
How does 1 get remedy
Been honest and grounded if no real help come
I ll soon be ground beef
Your files are just stories what i ve read so far ...
A consumer decision taken seem to have put me in a angry loop
So unlike me
Is there a moderator for these comments that may re direct me in the remedy section
Have you found what you've been searching for? And what did you exactly mean by queen faction ?

I never said I have the antidote so to speak, my motivations in telling my story are to help others with the fact that 'regular people' have these issues, 

I think it is rather mean to say that 'these are just stories' this is my life and some of it has been very sick and violent and psychologically abusive and they have tried countless times to get to me to trap myself into their twisted little game ...many monarchs feel the need to tell their twisted stories to better aid others recognize that they also are a target which is why you will see many of these books and such that tell just bizarre tales like my manifesto 

honestly there is some remedies but again honestly I don't believe that anybody that is targeted per se ever escapes these operations, you can alleviate the symptoms so to speak by moving to the country (nature-deer,mountains, rivers) where you will find less and less people targeting you and more wholesome individuals and by controlling your thought processes through meditation and various sound binaurel 432 hz chakra clearing etc and being aware of those that target you in public places and be able to ignore them, quite a bit of this process involves neuro linguistic programming and if you can be aware of when it is happening you are better suited to overcome the attacks in public. a lot of overcoming this is awareness and knowing and you can start to re program yourself through manifestation, vision boards, affirmations (positive) to reinforce that you are worthy and kind and honest and through other means like art and pottery and getting into nature, because if you are in a suberb notorious for violence and attacks you will feel like you are in a prison, and when you begin to take control of your life you begin to understand that not everything has been your fault, you may feel guilty for things you have done to people but now you have the awareness that you may have been lead there through coded words and programming and now all you have left is to seek forgiveness and be thankful of what you do have and grateful of what you achieve, honestly I think the only religion that gets it is buddhism, it offers a way out without being programmed, a self involved practice in not a religion but an education system, but there is not one sole way to break free !!!

We are in a prison solar system with control mechanisms in place to win over as much of these valuable souls as possible and they will not stop until they get what they want and it may mean you resisting until the very end and finally smiling when you have been given your release so to speak back out of captivation and back to your home world where you have been kidnapped from and soul harnessed from 

YOUR SOUL is far more valuable that you understand and they will go to great lengths and great financial control to win over your soul to this twisted playgame and they are masters at it !!! the longer you resist, the more angry and desperate they become.....

Gang stalking is real !!

Gang Stalking is a systemic form of control, which seeks to destroy every aspect of a Targeted Individuals life. Once a target is flagged a notification is sent out to the community at large, and the target is followed around 24/7 by the various communities that they are in.



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