At certain times I'm able to log on and check out the chat box. I've noticed some really intelligent individuals with some time on their hands. There are more than a few things that I need to know, but every now and then I get a transmission that says "when you find the answer to this, it is then you have discovered something". This then follows by the "Challenge/Question".

I at times find this unnerving, why not just tell me....this was until I discovered those who are Neutral. Makes me think of the NInja Turtles, lol

Not wishing to inherit the never ending sting of Karma attached with meddling in Adamu/Human affairs but have something that they really need to know? Why but of course there are loopholes! If something is proposed as a question it still is in need of the answer, but it does give one direction in what they need to figure out. A simple way to assist, without getting intwined in the web that seems to spiral from the back of the heads of humans called the Silver Line but obviously the etheric spider within us, or should I say the body. Of course it is no mystery the composition of the body being a totality of most of the animals that exist on the dimension with somewhat of an emphasis on everything the R-Complex entails and is connected to.   

The Question:

Seeing that pictures have dimensions such as 800 x 600 exactly what is the dimension of the earth.

Earth Dimensions Here:

With this data what size would be the picture of Earth, and can a picture be made "virtually" that big? To be more simple can you make a picture the size of Earth in Photoshop? How much space would that take in a standard format such as .jpg? What would the Dimesions be in pixel or inches.

There is a part 2 to this that gets into the reason why this is so important and the power of a Vector. 

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time is an illusion use to tell of how time is spent either lolling or mulling over what to do or who is doing what or what should one be doing .... so in the infinite space and time i loll with time....

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