This book awaken healing energy i think is a grand step 2word understanding your energy system.the cycling of chakra energies is microcosmic orbit.This level of action needs to gain energy.I thought the show was very well done(on isiswisdon radio)thought you all could use this as i have,though i need probly the most practice of micrco cosmic flow and full body breathing and chargerbreath lessons from matrix 4.wholeness to all who are present.

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very good timing
So i have ordered the salts I will get back on the results .I was hoping there might be a post soon maybe describing what to expect,i know better balance in the thing your most deficient in and need the most must be great and i have seen in the book here where i have problems like pains above the hip twords the front on the right side.acurate in the usual creepy astrological feel you get with the strang acuracy of various systems.I am excited about those ideas that i resonate with from recent and past shows there is little time finaly ready or nor here i come,I am willing and need all the information i can get to progress forword and to propel others that have mind and spirit to give a damn.i love that wich i do not know with a sense of caution i am no fool.wholeness to those present



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