Mentoring / home schooling preteens and young teenagers

Wholeness and balance, Is there anyone here mentoring older students? With the exception of 2 years in preschool for my 13 yr old, we have home schooled our children their whole lives. I am now feeling the challenge of mentoring them through the process of becoming independent learners. There are also skills I feel are important for them to be competent at so they can have choices moving forward in the life they choose to lead.

I have not found any ready made resources that are appropriate for this age and stage of learning that do not program the students into the ways of the matrix. Any suggestions? 

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love this thread
love this thread

the trials was mostly learning the truth but also cleansing the dark. its not a peace set enlightenment but it allows enlightenment of sorts. its very much oriented in confronting the dar entities this lifestyle brings into our lives. there are more than any normal person can handle. ive taught a few things but going over the fact im so empowered now because i was chosen to go through the trials at such a young age. its the young who will face the dark after all.

im short on time but i can offer skills and methods and perhaps hash out some wisdom. perhaps tommorow

Very interested to hear from you Crusader

for me i started things very young, and ive learned that the youngest start to enlightened life is very related to how much energy and  ability a person has in the future. however im unsure what age is best to start anyone since there are points in life key to keep this to a minimum.

im unsure a person would normally make a commitment to understand this path of life as you find there is good and evil in life. but there are things that decieve the senses as well. these dark beings mask their intentions and behaviors and have mingled in every culture. this darkness is trusted by all sectors as well. its saddening to the point where a person gives in. so tackling the trials requires iron will and dedication as well as a point of view that keeps the mind going.

my point of view while i find accurate has always been the tough pill to swallow. but just to put in key assumptions, a good rule to follow in the trials is to abide by remaining balanced. this is key to maintaining great energy. the dark in ones life needs to be phased by an equal light, so ive purified many parts of my life. this rule also sticks that making a dark choice without balance will severely subtract your abilities. this means using the power incorrectly or for negative reasons, such as to spite or inflict damage for instance, creates no effect. the people that hurt in this path are those that deserved it. the powers strength might lie in your affinity but being the dark person loses the host which powered you in the first place. 

thinkng for a moment. my path aligned my being with the light and thus ive gained wisdom that has no other way of reaching ones mind. the dark wished for this knowledge yet lost ther chances. they left their chances to do so by forcing it from the source in which that wisdom came from. they sill try and fail to gain it and have forever been torn from that path. 

the point of the trials is to lead a path of the use of ethereal energy to defend ones self from the dark who are put in your life. any person with mental abiliies is targeted as a host for the dark. but if one is strong enough they can gain proper defenses. thus the trials is given to those who can remove the dark.  the trials creates a being who is as much a warrior as they are a wise enlightened being. they need to be strong but also immune to the dark. thus comes the light affinity. the blessings come over time. 

i had little choice but to dance around things but this concept is different in many ways. what took me years to attain may take another a short period.. it depends. though. after gaining a basic understanding i was over time given messages and in those messages ideas are created. the ideas became skills.  the ideas came from the host. however i understand people have differing affinities. by affinities i mean religions. 

im unsure what religion this is because none ive seen ever had you meet the entity. or at least his son anyways. but while everything looks to be christian, its the powers that seperate people from that direction. i dont like revealing this as its had bad receptions before. but ive seen unbelieveable things since then. but if not for such interventions id be dead. so the fact im here now proves that something happened. of course that relies on people trusting me too. but i wish to share my personal view point and will hope people dont hate or distrust it as its basically my opinion. but i see all of existence being watched over by a pure yet balanced god whom's son i met before nearly dying at the hands of the darkness. this god had followers a plenty yet some thought, taken from the beginning of the universe by the way, that they could do better under someone else or that perhaps one entity thought he could do better. so after the fated rebellion those who rebelled were cast from the light. forever cast from it only now bearing a false glow. the darkness hide in this false light allowing them to be assumed as friendly or powerful. these beings are the darkness still. in this same view it was once thought that perhaps there were other gods but how so if they could be explained as the technologically superior darkness so i thought hat perhaps there was something else besides the darkness out there that behaved decently but every time ive met these entities they could never hide their true essence. so everything ive met s so far been darkness. the light will never intervene anymore. if something light comes to you youd not know it was darkness just with heavy deceit. so the light and i decided we would never meet until after i expired once more. so i know that the light does sometimes save a person bu they never take credit. that is pride and light yet not sin. divine interventions occur regularily but you never really hear anything asking for thanks if they were pure. so this also shows why people are decieved. old gods of older civilizations could appear however they wish. but the way theyve been explained modernly is that hey maybe they were aliens or ascended beings. some level or degree of power ahead of us they could have been but then you look into aliens and ascendent entities and find that they too are hiding darkness. ive met many and can see into them. but also ive mingled amongst many crowds gathering wisdom accumulated by so many types of people. so ive been able to figure that this is the most accurate point of view i can fathom.

that will either be the death of me or my breakthrough. but ive seen greys and so many of them. yet their eyes give off an aura that for the most part is pure darkness. its not possible to be so pureley dark and still be consider a good being. their very essence is black. the reptilians are terrible and rule over all greys its the hierarchy. whether it seems good or not almost anyone should know whats up with those reptilians. but they have to answer to the red dragons of the bible. which yes they are dragons. draco lords which i was almost killed by have distinct dragon like traits. so it makes sense. these entities have control over just about everything. going down the line the dracos control reptilians, the reptillians control the greys and who do the greys control. well alot of awakened people are anti something. but why does the greys as a whole both help and attack our race. ive found again that all the things in life are controlled by the darkness. so if you talk about governments they are still controlled it doesnt matter what you choose or what you dont choose everything has darkness in some degree. sadly that includes the church. there is a degree of programming coming from so many sectors. each little chip in the shield a step closer to endgame.

again this is my opinion and my research and my training confirms it all through the experience ive had over life. ive made minor tweaks to this viewpoint and found that aligning my favor with the light to a certain degree has created the host. the host is another way of saying that the spirit of the holy ghost and its mantle has been aquired. its crazy without anything else. but its a degree of enlightenment that is completely satisfying. it grants the host which naturally effects the frequency of the individual. based on my research anything that alters your frequency can manipulate any given factor of the body. the mantle of the host just happens to alter frequencies related to the mind granting the reception of heavenly wisdoms. it was also a key both as pivotal and actual in use. it gave me a dream the night of the time i gained the host. i was on autopilot and manipulated the objects into a terminal linked to the otherworld search system. basically put its google but the frequencies also were picked up by my visor and it translated to have me search for the heavens library.or at least that is whats shown on the frequency to text part of the visor. but that is an aspect of power ill keep to myself in case noone is open enough to at least understand and accept some of this information.

i was thinking about starting the mentorship. but then i realized if i was putting all the chips i had in life and hunker down with my given hand id have to have a person accept the origins of these trials of ether.

if a person can understand all the aforementioned and apply it i can teach everything the trials had to offer. if not the training will not enlighten the individual. but as ive said before the trials teach one to purify things in life that part is good. the unique thing is noone goes through the trials wihout being visited by the darkness. its because they try to push you away from saving every bit of yourself that they can. they fear anyone with this much ability and will try to cut you down. its like the devil chopping down the tree of virtue when it is still a sapling. metaphorically speaking.

my heart however is hinging on the reception of this information because its not worth interfering, just to get blown up and banned for doing the right thing and trying. thats happened each time ive tried too. the darkness likes to maintain its superiority by pulling the strings of everything available just to prevent things from working out. i think the light should shine somewhere though.

ill explain more later. if this part makes sense its going to assist in beginning the trials. im just being cautiouus.

i can be an idiot sometimes. the pont was accepting it as an opinion but i figured people knew that part. its not whethter its believed or not just a point to draw from for me when i hand over such knowledge. i multitasked and thought not the words i truly wanted to say or i might have explained this different. im sorry if i confused people. i noted though that people here are best given something in their awakened state however, ive attempted to dance around things in my other messages and just now trying to show people something i feel as true. perhaps to help people understand a few parts of how the trials became what the are, and do what they do.

however i had a clumsy night and was visited by so much energy. mostly negative but a few lights out there. i learned an interesting aspect. but that was for me to learn. im trying and perhaps not doing so well with being non offensive. i tried very hard to move between different wavelengths to mesh well with others. 



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