Well, i feel like I've regressed a bit, at one point I was feeling so good, not caring what people thought, not getting angry, feeling completely confident. I would wake up with such ease like I was never sleep and so much energy and enthusiasm, having wonderfully fun dreams, now it's back to waking up slowly and being grouchy and groggy and sick. I've gotten into big arguments, that I had avoided until then and I'm just letting little things get to me. I think it all started on my B'day Nov 26. It was my first time being with a group of people in a while, I really didn't enjoy myself at all. Then the next day I went to an old friends house who I hadn't seen since he went off to college. I found that I had to dumb myself down to converse with him and I was cool with that. I needed a ride home because my dad was sick so my great uncle took me. He said a lot of controlling things in an effort to try to get me to assimilate into the world that he has known. I am too strong to be mind controlled, I suppose, but It made me really upset, First I handled it like an evolved being, but when he left I really blew up and ever since then I just haven't felt that high in vibration. Have you guys gone through this and if so do you have any tips on how I can raise my vibrations back up? I would really appreciate some help. :)

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Wow, yea, we all basically go through the same things I suppose. :)
You're Very Welcome! Much Love!
Thank You, Tina, it has become especially difficult because of the holidays and I almost broke down last night, but I will take your advice try to stay strong. Whole to you! :)
Yea, I also think it's a part of regression because i thought I already knew this you know, especially that time is infinite, but I'm going back and forth between the old me and the new me, i'm sure I'll get it together. :) I like the new me much better! lol or the me i was supposed to be in the first place. lol
Reflections of the Dawn

I stood upon the crest of the highest mountain, Calling down to those who dared to follow. That I had attained the greatest of heights. But a voice from above called out to me: ‘Rest not upon your foolish pride for you have taken but a single step. And as you await those to come, there are those that patiently wait for you.’ By Daniel
I love that! it really stimulated my crown chakra as I was reading! :) thanks, much love!



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