Well, i feel like I've regressed a bit, at one point I was feeling so good, not caring what people thought, not getting angry, feeling completely confident. I would wake up with such ease like I was never sleep and so much energy and enthusiasm, having wonderfully fun dreams, now it's back to waking up slowly and being grouchy and groggy and sick. I've gotten into big arguments, that I had avoided until then and I'm just letting little things get to me. I think it all started on my B'day Nov 26. It was my first time being with a group of people in a while, I really didn't enjoy myself at all. Then the next day I went to an old friends house who I hadn't seen since he went off to college. I found that I had to dumb myself down to converse with him and I was cool with that. I needed a ride home because my dad was sick so my great uncle took me. He said a lot of controlling things in an effort to try to get me to assimilate into the world that he has known. I am too strong to be mind controlled, I suppose, but It made me really upset, First I handled it like an evolved being, but when he left I really blew up and ever since then I just haven't felt that high in vibration. Have you guys gone through this and if so do you have any tips on how I can raise my vibrations back up? I would really appreciate some help. :)

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Thank you that very nice i did smile throughout it, my experience was just that he hadn't really grown any since i had last saw him and I had grown more than ever so I had to talk to him like I used to talk to him. Thanks, that was a very helpful story! :) Much Love
Ok, I will take your advice, thank you! :) Much Love, oh and I'm a boy btw. LOL.
Thank you Tina, That statement is very helpful. I really took it to heart! :) Whole
Be aware of walking in your shadow, the past, you are sure to pick up some old energy.
Ok Sevan, I totally get what you're saying, Thanks! :) Whole
Thank you so much Agent Elusive, very interesting information that really connected with me. :) Much Love!
Thank yoou all, and I just wanted to say that I have ascended at least halfway back to where I was just over night. Maybe It's because I slept with amethyst last night. I also had a Dream that showed me the list of things that by the 31 would not be so readily available and all I remember from the list are Gotu Kola and Ethereal Gold, hopefully this dream will not come true. Either way I send you love and positivity always! :)
Thanks you! all this love is really warming my heart!!! :)
I understand, it's normally a girls name here too, Iol. Much Love!
Definitely brother. Actually the last couple days I have been a little "off" my game. I bet you the earth is producing a weaker force these past few days. Anyway, I use to use drugs back in the day and its like when Iwas first getting sober. Everything was cool going great. But the first time I went to see a few people , I use to hang out with,at a party it was weird. They were all doing drugs and what not. I didn't feel I needed to use again. I felt pity for them because they just hadn't figured "it" out yet. They were lost in there own drug experiences. I left and never looked back. Some of them finally came for help some of them died.
You seem very strong on your path. It's hard, I know, not to look down on them but we can't. That would be wrong. You just have to get you word in where its appropriate. You know what I mean? Pick and choose wisely, where you confront friends and family on the Matrix. The 3D world is all they know. They really don't know any better. They have been programmed from birth. Especially the old timers!!!! Wait for them to come to you or when you "feel" they are ready, you know? Hope this helped..... Peace and love...
Thanks Scott, I know exactly what you mean, everybody is not ready, but I help as much as I can when I can, For example, some of my teenage friends are getting pregnant and I feel out of place telling them not to shoot their little crystal children with all those chemicals/vaccines, but I mustered up the courage and the results have been positive so far. I find this stuff hard to explain to older and younger people, but i'm gonna work harder and keep gaining knowledge so it will be easier to explain! I send you much love Scott! :)
I posted this on Monday..........

I am a bit discouraged. My few, dearest, lifelong friends still cant see what I am trying to help them see. They have always known I see things and just accepted it . But now they think I'm crazy!!! I'm not forcing anything down there throats. But I see there kids going through this bullsh&t school system that is brainwashing them and I have to say something.......But I will be there for them if they finally come around. I will not give up on any human needing help to break away. I need to meditate and rest on these thoughts. Good night , brothers and sisters.....

So I know EXACTLY what your going through. Later Brother



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