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Has anyone tried the Megahydrate?  I've been using it for about a week and it's making me feel really weird at times - having issues - feeling like I drank a gallon of caffine!  Increased heart rate, etc.

Also feel a little spaced out - anyone have and insight on this?

Thanks so much!

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Please excuse the typos - I'm on my phone :)

I can't wait to place my order ya, dig this awaken my cells which already to give it a try. lol

Oh Joy Oh boy.... Thank you Jesus for delivering my Megahydrate safe & sound.... LOL XD ! 

Mine finally arrived today, will start with one cap in 32 Oz of water & report back. 

Decided to use 2 caps in my 32 Oz jar of structured water. Since my system is detoxed, cleansed and i'm on a superfoods vegetarian diet ( 1 yr this month :)  I opened 2 caps, put into water & drank half the bottle before my 7AM work shift. Sundays are the most physically demanding & busiest day for me, so wanted to see if it helped with the work load. 20 mins into the grind, I felt wide awake and very energized, ( No need for my usual Yerba Mate tea ) & 40 mins into the day was buzzing & zipping around bristling with what i would describe as a very clean, smooth, hyper alert Massive energetic state. I was also lightly sipping on a liter of pure coconut water occasionally while I worked to replace my fluids as i sweated @ 11:30AM drank the rest of the MegaH water & plowed through the rest of the day like it was nothing ! My body felt alive, my mind clear & loads of clean smooth energy fueled my day. I will check the effects again tomorrow morning when not at Job and doing some web work & research during the day. This definitely works as stated & looking forward to getting up to 4 caps a day... if today was a benchmark... Then WoW ! 

Prior forgiveness is sought from any more 'lady-like' than I that accidentally partakes of this. But I thought to mention to those just beginning this supplement....well. Here I'll use musical art again. My brother wrote this several years ago and it was tested and accepted by my little boy and his little boy and girl friends as an appropriate musical selection. I saw the other day that my brother had squeezed it through to youtube. So if you experience this symptom, consider the prior warning haha.


Ha ha ha.... xD I've been playing this tune all week now, up to 3 caps a day, tried 4 @ once & felt like I was ready to run a marathon... 

Haha yes I am sure my mom is ever so proud of that particular musical compilation ;) Actually, not sure if we have showed her that one. Perhaps better to keep her in the dark.

4 caps eh? So did you run that marathon?

Wow!!! I am really looking forward to using this product. Thank you all, for you insight on this.

Wholeness! I started Megahydrate yesterday. Took two capsules and drank my distilled water all day. I felt funny for the rest of the day and kind of spaced as well then by nightfall I experienced severe pain in the top of my spine, not due to any physical workouts during the day. Woke up and still have spinal pain. I will mention that I am detoxing using food grade diatamaceous earth and have been doing accupuncture for a sleeping thyroid. Didn't take it today to try and feel what my body is telling me. Can anyone give advise as to where to go from here? I am actively trying to align my body and spirit and often find the more awakened my spirit is the more my body is not. Much love to all, thank you

To be clear, Megahydrate is not only a hydrating mechanism, but a cleansing mechanism too.  So, it will surely be adding to the cleaning of your blood and body.  Your pains I'm sure are detox symptoms sometimes referred to as the herximer effect.  Nonethess, you should probably just notch back the amount your taking and increase your H20 intake.  Unless, you don't mind the heavy detox effects...as some may...  

Also, your diet should be mentioned in the same breath as the effects of foodstuffs you are ingesting are surely part of the equation.



The key to understanding Megahydrate is learn about what Redox Potential is, Zeta Potential, ORP, etc. Jack Ruse is a freaking genius so just learn everything from him. Just read his explanation of Hydrogen in another article...or his explanation of the role of water. Spread the word I haven't seen information like his anywhere on the net.  http://jackkruse.com/redox-rx/

Thank you for this :)



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