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Has anyone tried the Megahydrate?  I've been using it for about a week and it's making me feel really weird at times - having issues - feeling like I drank a gallon of caffine!  Increased heart rate, etc.

Also feel a little spaced out - anyone have and insight on this?

Thanks so much!

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Hello Cheryl. I received a bottle of megahydrate yesterday. Was busy so popped 2 with a big gulp of agua and went on my way. About 20 minutes later my cells got all tingly and I tried to lift out of my body. Since I was driving I had to ground myself ;) So yeah, it will be interesting to experiment with this. Definitely not a placebo! Today I only took 1 before work so as not to float off. Felt the sensations but not as strong. Wholeness!

Hi Jana - thanks for the feedback in regard to your experience with this! Some of the sensations I am experiencing are not pleasant - as I said to Pleadian, I think I need to focus more on centering myself.

Yes centering is well and good! Based on experience I innerstand the concept of too much too fast as I sometimes tend to full boar it. Been continuing the experimenting on this including taking a cap in am with my usual morning liquids to opening capsule and adding to water, to skipping a day here and there, etc. I'll continue to take it slow while it processes.

Hi Jana - I have cut back on my intake over the past few days. Maybe I dove in, like you, full boar! Which I too have a tendency to do!

Thanks again for sharing your experiences - all insight is appreciated!

Greetings how much megahydrate you putting in your water or taking.?

Hi Plaedian - I've been putting it in my treated water about 1 capful per liter. I drink about 2 of those a day along with my homemade juices. Sometimes more water - just plain without the Megahydrate.

Hello  its been amazing using it, also used 1/3 and then tried a half a cap and it still did the job. its made a difference in me, as i drink distilled water  and when just drinking it without megahydrate i can tell energy wise. and its definitely not a placebo, take 10 caps and become a shooting star lol ;0)

Jana when a started taking ormes its made me feel really not good. i left it and then did a detox and when i tried it after that it was much better.

I agree with plaeidian. I received this exact product through a natural medicine doctor near me and the first time I took it felt very ill. This is a very powerful tool and if the body isn't conditioned can have negative effects. Cleanse yourself, and fill your gut with good flora and gradually implement the megahydrate and you will feel a difference within 24 hours. This is how it has happened for me.

Yes it looks like your dosages are to high, its best to start with much less and build as your body cycles the hydrogen.

Hi Sevan - I appreciate the insight. All my life I've always felt awkward in my own body. I remember, as a child, lying in bed thinking this is just a big game! Since then I've explored many spiritual paths, read almost anything I could get my hands on, studied Kabbalah for many years and moved to Gnosticism. One day I found a video on You-Tube from you, about a year ago. Throughout all this time I've always had a deep knowing, emphatically, that I have still not found truth. Even now I can't honestly say I've ever had any profound spiritual experiences. No visions, no out of body experiences, no third eye opening - a big nothing. I have, however, always been very emphatic - I know in my heart that the truths you work so hard to share - are just that - Truths!

I realize I have a tremendous amount of work to do on my inner self - especially physically because of the things I've learned here and I will be doing another Colon Cleanse soon. I have some heavy stuff I need to figure out and I appreciate you and the profound yet insightful transmissions you make available for anyone with the WILL to not only hear but actually do the work. To hear is one thing - even to know you speak truth is one thing - to actually do the work - well that is the difficult part. At least for me. Thanks for all you do Sevan - truly.

The way I see it is that regardless of having no vivid spiritual encounters, it's all spiritual if we can focus our mind just enough to see the synchronicities and magic we are capable of doing as humans. Even all the little stuff we look over, when put in the balanced perspective shows us that we are something amazing, more than this body



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