From time to time some ask, what do you mean when you say "We", who are you referring to?  I'm not only referring to the Resistance as a group as each of Us contributes to one another with presence alone.

I wanted to also thank someone who wishes to remain anonymous for allowing Us to get a camera that can also do video. This will enable the Resistance to bring the next installment of ascent to higher existence. Without further due, some of the unsung heroes. 

Big boy Tibetan Quartz with a double terminator and at least a 1 million year carbon inclusion suspended in fluid. 

It is a fact that many crystals of great value come and go from the crystal store all for the same price. However, if you know what you are looking for you can find a gem. :-) Double terminated is like a two post battery, positive and negative. Suspending these crystals between the thumb and any other finger especially the pointer, you have officially "connected". 

This crystal has been with me the longest out of all the crystals. Once I received the "quickening" all the information still needed to be processed, I personally believe this crystal assisted with the process as it already carries millions of years worth of information in the fluid inside of it, basically water memory. That water is much older than a million years, but that is enough. I believe that when I had grey areas in my data or when it was way to much to decipher, this Quartz added the processing power. The chip in your computer is a crystal, let us stay aware of that. 

In crystal meditation in which I lay the crystals on my chakras I use quartz to cover the spaces in between the crystals to keep a closer connection.


Brazilian Amethyst - The pictures does this beauty no justice. This Amethyst is deep purple. The darker the Amethyst the stronger it will be. This is the third eye Crystal and works well on the solar plexus when deep breathing in bed. When bonding has taken place you will fell somewhat of a "water tension" feeling or like a shield or energy field plate on the chest.

The natural marble egg is bigger than seen pictured. It found me at the ocean in a remote area. I saw it odd because it was shaped like an egg. When picking it up not only did I notice it carried a charge but it has an extremely high mass like something is in the middle so it is also much heavier than it looks.

Citrine with Organisms - Apparently there are organisms that can actually grow inside of these crystals. The dealer said this one was as such. I have also noticed they have increased but very slowly two can be seen here. Citrine is a very strong crystal not needing to be cleansed and it seems to repel the energy emitted from the magnets located in money thus it is great to keep around money. They say there are only two crystals that do not need to be cleansed, the other is Selinite.

Chunky Celestite - On the other side, kind of shy, is a complete unseparated slab of Celestite. As mentioned in other posts this is the throat chakra manifestation crystal. When first obtaining one of these and putting it on my throat I woke up lucidly hearing myself breathing  and it sounded like I was seriously congested in the throat, this is a the sign of the throat chakra cleansing taking place. 

I do make it a point to stick mostly with raw unshaped crystals. It is to my innerstanding that laser cutting can damaged a crystals energy. Many indians refer to living stones and dead rocks so from that I gather that it is possible to remove much of the life from a crystal through different methods. 

Be sure to "cycle" your energy with the crystal, this is like the relationship between us and the tree. We breathe out carbon it takes that and turns it into oxygen. When picturing this type of energy transfer, one for other, in meditation you will found the crystals a lot more receptive.

In addition it must be said for those that may get the wrong idea, We do not worship crystals, they are very good friends and are treated as such.


This is officially something of a light saber. I do believe that is, in part, due to its shape so thus the energy protrudes from the tip of this crystal. I was invited to an event about a year and a half ago and it turned out that it was a "sat"sung "advanced guru church". 

I was prompted to take this crystal with me so I grabbed it on the way out of the door going as far as putting it in a little case that I could attach to my belt. :-) It was a good thing I had it, during a final closing meditation in which this guru insisted that we all participate in. 

I actually witnessed him come out of his body and begin to remove energy from the people who were in that same lost meditative sleepy state that seems to exist amongst those that frequent these types of namaste/"name sat" functions. However when he got around to my side of the room he saw that uncanny glow, hehehe.

Bismuth - The magnet that doesn't physically attract but boy does it non-physically attract. There is a positive and a negative to these bismuth magnets, when putting them together with two hands you can feel the connection even in your teeth, not to mention vivid brain stimulations.  I use bismuth to clear my meridians by sending this magnet subtle energy through them, it only takes a second.

Garnet - I've synced this name to mean many things that I won't discuss here due to lack of space. This is actually half of a Garnet, I chose it so it would not roll off were I put it. Garnet is one of the rare crystals that grow in the form of a dodecahedron. All Pythagorean sacred geometry can be found in the one shape of the dodecahedron thus making it something of an antenna. When placing it on the forehead in meditation it seems to spread the signal like an array for better lack of words. This shape is used also in advance antenna systems and satellites.

Pyrite - As you can see this one has a "perfect" pentagon. The sacred geometry is very present in crystals and generally correspond to their purest esoteric significance. I actually lit a small piece of this stuff and it even has a kick to it. Sometimes I bring pyrite along for the ride but I do believe the potential of this crystal is in its metallic compound and formulation thereof. 

6-Sided Quartz Beacon - I keep this in the room in the corner to amplify communication. I also use it to amplify one of the smaller crystals by placing it on top or in between when laying down.

Rainbow Generator - Although this was shaped, it is used to spread a myriad of rainbows all over the room. I found that anything rainbow light touches it charges and purifies thus these are great to keep in areas that stagnant energy likes to remain. The only difficulty is placing it so the Sun can reflect off of it.

Selinite - Gentle and edible it seems to have the ability of removing negative dreams for those that may experience such things. There were times in acquiring knowledge that I ran across certain things that had a lasting visual effect that would leak into my dream world and become animate. Selinite clears all of that up, for a moment you may have no dreams at all but it is doing its work. For many no dream is better than a nightmare.

This Gold Calcite Orb just likes to sit around and soak up the sun. Every now and then you can grab it and it feels like a beating heart.


Jasper - Jasper is the root chakra crystal. Since it is natural here in Costa Rica you can find them on the beach. One morning while staying near the beach I had the idea in my dream to put a complete layer of Jasper under my mattress to see what would happen. When I woke up I remembered this so I jumped on the motorcycle and headed to the beach. 

When I got there I discovered I forgot to bring something to put the rocks in especially since I had to collect so many. I started to think even the idea was a little crazy. Heading to the opposite side of the beach where I wanted to swim I jumped back on the motorcycle and headed in that direction. I started noticing what I call "turbulence". This is when it seems like you are not supposed to go and do something by vivid signs. Within 5 minutes 3 different cars driving carelessly almost hit the bike and I also saw number that I personally use for warning. Not missing the premonition I turned around to head back to the house.

I saw a young guy walking on the side of the road hitchhiking for a ride. Since this was a small beach town I thought of helping him but then I thought about the warning. I decided that the warning had nothing to do with the guy, it had to do with me not going to the other side of the beach for whatever reason. So I stopped and he jumped on the back of the bike saying he just needed to go a few more miles up the road to the school and that he was a teacher. Making it there rather fast when he got off the bike I asked him his name just so I could take a mental log of the Matrix, he said Jasper, I was mind blown. Of course I went back home, got a pillowcase to hold the rocks, and headed back to the beach.

Magnetized Hematite - I have unlimited uses for these.

Danberite (Left) Carabochon (Right) Synergy Crystals - Danberite is an amazing crystal for beginners it has a lot of energy and a high interfacing ability meaning "it responds" to those who may not have such a way with crystals so its like a teacher. DAN DNA seems to also work a lot with the DNA as far as correcting it. Cabochon however says it is around for a reason yet to be revealed. Don't ask me.


Mr. Moldavite - Last but not least a space faring friend Mr. Moldavite. Moldavite is a meteor, many claim the emerald tablets where engraved with it, some claim it fell out of the crown of an angel, still more claim it is the material the Holy Grail is made of and still more claim it is the stone in the Kabah. All I know is Mr. Moldavite seems to handle those not to friendly energies that perceive this all to be a game and wish to test their armor to no avail. This is not a beginners crystal as it seems to have a mind of its own. In addition it is not a crystal it is a meteorite. One touch judgement for the next level is all I can say.

So this is it for now. I have a few more crystals that I will day view soon when they are ready. Let Us keep in mind many may think the dimension is totally infected by negative beings but this is not true, just take a look at the trees and the crystals, However as elementals it is up to many of us to use their energy for balancing Our planet, external and internal. 

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Gold for solar crystals, Silver for lunar crystals, or Copper to connect multiple different stones (it's conductive)

Organic fiber like string is great if you want the crystal's purest effect.

NOTE: Metals need frequent cleansing!!! They sponge up all types of low frequency energy and orgone.

My worst experience with crystals was an un-cleansed moldavite and copper wrap.

well this is awesome (:

I usually use « tiger eyes »


Its pretty, and It protects against bad energies



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