In the past before I actually started to meditate. I would try it out then months ago I got serious with it and set the right intentions. I'm still confused as to what happened but I'm going to explain best I can an hopefully someone has an answer for me.

This was my second documented attempt at meditation. HOWEVER I was NOT sitting up I had my pillow against the wall in my bed and was kind of half way lying down.

It was much easier to get Relaxed. The first thing that came was a sort of numb feeling
all over my body...This time not JUST the area around my nose had an intense itch but more
of my face had the itch...After that not sure how much longer I felt something in my feet
that gave me this sensation that made me happy an It felt like it was coming FROM my feet
up towards my head...I don't know why this happened but eventually I could not hold my eyes
open and I saw the room lit with the one candle I had burning. Just like as before I did
feel my eyes shuttering but not for long and the dryness wasn't as bad. And Eventually It
Felt as if my whole face were numb from the tingle sensation caused by ignoring the
intense itching.

Things to note:

When I meditate my eyes are closed but when I get so relaxed my eyes kind of crack open and stay that way

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The tingling sensation you felt wash over you was energy. The holy spirit awakening inside you who seeks. I believe this can be harnessed and used. Concentrate. Try and conjure it, and hold it.

Perhaps "you" could experience yourself not as a body attempting to meditate, but rather meditation embodied. 



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