I have a suspicion that whoever is manufacturing these Boca and Morning Star meatless products may be up to no good . Whats really in these  things . They say how dare these poeple stop eating meat . Because they7 know they never could . So they conspired to manufacture  meatless food products made out of 30 percent tapeworms . And sell them to unsuspecting vegetarians that believe the ingredients  are listed on the package . I know whats in the chicken patties might appear to be chicken , and taste quite similar  . Im calling for an in depth study into this . All you chemists out there  need to start analyzing these things . Immediately !

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i've been known to tear me up a boca on occasion. i would like to see an analysis but for now i have to believe its better then dead flesh.

       Some good  recipes on you tube on how to make your own

Personally I don't entertain the thought of eating meat. The ideal of eating flesh should go out the window along with the action! Trying to fit in because of scrutiny or ridicule from grandma Lol... at family cookouts, bar-b-ques or PICK-A-NIG is one thing. There's nothing wrong with enjoying different foods such as those as long as we check the sources of these products.  Just a thought...




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