Matrix V: Quest For The Spirit-The Ultimate Frontier

Have You Ever Wondered:Who Are You, Really? Why Are You Here? What is Life Really About? Why Is Your Life The Way It Is? What Really Comes Afterward? How Do You Sort Through All The B*******? How Do You Find Balance? What's the Larger Context of Reality Within Which We Experience?What is Behind Experience? What Are Polarities About?How can I develop the discernment necessary to sort through all the confusion during this important period in history? Why are most websites useless red herrings for those seeking Self-Knowledge? Why Are We Being Lied To Constantly?What Are Light and Dark Polarities?How Are Peace-Marchers Actually Feeding the Dark Side?How Are Warmongers Actually Feeding the Light Side? Why do you still feel unsatisfied no matter what books you seem to read out there, in your search-for-self and the meaning of life?What is the larger nature of reality and what are the real factions which grapple for control? Why?What's the real deal with 'aliens'? Why has the population of Earth been consistently thwarted from expansion into space? What's the Agenda?What is Incarnation all about? What is the truth behind genderization of bodies? What Does It All Mean? Deduce the answers to these questions and many many hundred more!
About the Matrix V Project,
In 1999, the same year the Matrix V Project began, the public was shown the movie Matrix in theaters, which gave a glimpse into the possibilities inherent in technological manipulation of society and individual reality. It left a lot of people thinking about the reality in which we exist on this planet. But, there is a real Matrix that is even larger than anything even hinted at in the movie - a Matrix in which human experience on Earth is but a small part of a much larger picture - beyond society, beyond the planet, beyond the alien paradigms, beyond religion and beyond all belief systems on the 3rd and 4th densities.
The "big questions" that people have on this planet - why we're here, who we really are and what life is really about - are not questions that cultures have answers for. There are plenty of "new age" paradigms around, but none of them have any real answers either, which is why people are stuck on "the eternal search" for truth. They won't find it within their Earth-bound personality, within all the paradigms that permeate all cultures on the planet that depend on identification with body and gender, and they won't find it in the paradigms of religion. Where is it, and what is really going on here on Earth?
One of the keys to discovery of the Ultimate Matrix is out-of body experience and long-time observation of what is actually out there, who we really are, and what it means to incarnate in a body here on Earth. Matrix V is all about your Higher Self, who you really are, your journey of self-discovery on this planet, and what's really going on, both here on Earth and in the density levels which lie just outside our 3rd density level. It is not based on beliefs or belief systems.
The scope of the material in Matrix V exceeds that of any existing literature, which will become quite evident to the reader. If you identify with your body or your gender, or are comfortable in your "human" existence, do not buy Matrix V. You will not be ready for this advanced material, which is geared toward Advanced, Dominant and Final 3rd density incarnational perspectives. Matrix V is, no doubt, one of the most spiritually enlightening books ever printed, and at the same time to the factions that control this planet - and control anything anywhere - this is the most dangerous information ever released to mankind because it discusses who we really are, what the polarity-based control structures are really about, and the truth about incarnational experience on Earth.
It is also a book that concerns accurate information about what is beyond the 3rd density and higher, based on direct observational explorations that have lasted more than a decade. It is a book that deals with the big questions in life - who we are, and why we are here.
It can be safely said that it accurately describes, based on direct observational experience, the nature of the Higher Self and human incarnations, ancient manipulation of human DNA , the genderization of the human body, the mechanics of incarnation and detailed information on the realms which we perceive when we become independent of the body after physical death. Matrix V, in effect, decodes earth reality, as well as the reality beyond the earth experience, in a way that has never been achieved in human literature.
Are you a "man" or a "woman"? No. You are an androgynous being using a genderized body for experience. Only "men" and "women" buy into the cultural belief, which promotes identification with the body and gender, and they will continue to revel in Earth life and seek gratification and fulfillment of the DNA programming to which they have become slaves.
The actual beginning point of these explorations started experientially with actual exploration of other densities slightly out of phase with ours, using out of body travel, however, the scope of this book far exceeds anything ever completed by Robert Monroe, author of three famous books on the subject,Journeys Out Of the Body, Far Journeys and Ultimate Journey. In fact, Matrix V Gold Edition is so far beyond the material Robert Monroe or any other explorer has ever released that it constitutes a major key for discovery for those Higher Self incarnations that are on the verge of spiraling out of this reality altogether. Think we're kidding? See link below to 32 pages of reader comments.
If you are at a position in life at this time where you seek more than what is around you in the controlled, idiotic culture we live in, more than religions, channeling, alien contactees, belief systems and the pathetic body of knowledge on this planet, Matrix V is for you. For more than two years, we have been leaking some of the information out to the public, who have responded with questions, and a tremendous body of follow-up material has developed which enhances the main series of segments which are collectively calledInformation for Very Advanced, Dominant and Final Incarnations. 

From about this Gold Edition,
The Second Edition of the book came out in August 2001. It featured 146 segments with 300 Q&A on the material. After 2 years elapsed, the600 page third and final edition (the GOLD EDITION) was released in March 2003. Much more advanced, the book has more than 340segments (including 50 never before published),439 Q&A on the material and a large 862 line-item index. Matrix V GOLD EDITION is themost advanced material available on the planet for those predisposed to evolving perspectives.
The collection of material represents over 770potentially unique keys to personal evolution, with thousands of sub-keys throughout the book covering the spectrum of incarnations likely to read the book. The segments cover 9 major areas: Incarnations of the Higher Self, The Third Density Game, Incarnations of Nature Spirit, Body and Gender on the Third Density, Death of the Physical Vehicle,Alien Influence on Third Density, Third Density Programming, The Third Density EndGame, and Beyond The EndGame. 

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Thanks a lot for the post:-))))
I would like to own this book , however I have no luck in purchasing it.. is there anyone any links or know where I can buy the, Matrix V: Quest For The Spirit-The Ultimate Frontier
Thanks Haze

take $200 dollars and a USB jump drive to Kinkos.  get the binder option.

Thank you .. I hsve only just seen your reply .. (:

Hi you may already be aware. But Val stopped printing some time ago. I assume its because they are now free as they are here. All the best 

Wowsa thank you for sharing these attachments ..Zero ....   :))

Wow, I really don't know what to make of this. I've owned a copy of Gold edition for about 10 years. It has changed my life! And in ways I adore this material. But I find it confronting at times, hence why I only take it in small doses. I am thankful to be able to find the files here, as Val is no longer publishing. Yet I'm curious if there was any reaction from the writer? My few interactions with him over the years, and one most recently tells me he is still very active, and gives me the hunch he may have not been so excited about them being accessible like this? Unless he has had a change of heart, so to speak. Does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks 

Oh Thanks guys I reached the part with the h*** stuff, though it makes sense, i was intuiting that there is hypnotic and nlp writing in it, and if its the truth then whats the point of being convincing. i was having a mini crisis about this but now i really appreciate confirmation, the guy did a good job lots of info (i have more to read) followed by his personal perspectives. its a challenge when someone drops some nice bombs of truth and then puts his personal agenda into it. f***. i shall continue reading.

I liked the early volumes of these,dispite Vaeians somtimes mysoganistic rants...just got my hands on the latest edition where at the end among other things he goes on about how cool Alistair Crowley is...oh dear,another promising guide gone astray (please dont think i have any particular judgement about A.C cos i dont) but black magicians are black magicians and reptiles inhabiting Zeta bodies (Aiwas)are reptiles inhabiting Zeta bodies...

Feels like,use the early info and bag the later stuff really...funnily enough i came across .A.C on the inner planes by accident years ago...dormanted by his higher self (can happen if you go too far wrong)...

Its exactly the conclusion inarrived at, forget the messenger, stick with the message.

The writing style of the last book, is very hypnotic, and programing. Toooooo much repetition, there is somethig that went astray there. And some concepts he introduced were good, but some just took it too far into abstraction. And dont get me wrong, i can handle abstraction, but even that needs a little foundation. And when the writer is clearly biased, it ruins the message. So like you said, finc the good information and stick with that.



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