I want to share with the Resistance a spiritual technology that I'm getting engaged in called Matrix Energetics. I read the book over a year ago and was blown away by all the possibilities that it describes, such as time travel and parallel universes. I was introduced to it by my friend, roshi, he and other practitioners had some great stories I read about that have been inspiring me. I'm going to a level 1&2 seminar this weekend in Miami. I invite anyone in the area to come to the free introduction this Friday.

Whats cool is that it works on people and even electronics too lol! For example, my laptop speakers stopped working about a year ago, a couple months ago I tried everything software wise to fix it and realized that it was a hardware problem... nothing I can do about hardware right? Frustrated I just gave up on it. Later I was thinking about how physical manifestations of illness or disease are actually started at the level of emotion or spirit. It suddenly dawned on me that my laptop speaker problem started within myself! I remembered how in class some loud sound effect or song would come on in the middle of class and how embarrassing that would be. I repeated the mistake several times and must have really put my intention on it NEVER happening again! Sure enough, speakers stopped working..... Upon realizing how I caused it and was still maintaining this reality of broken speakers with my old energy I let it go.... :) And seemingly magically my speakers are working.

Here is a link to an interview with the ME founder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztBvXec2zHM

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great share. thank you. have been applying like concepts with like results. computers and electronics respond much better with positive clear balanced projections often recovering from the various short circuits of some of our projections that are reflecting a negative vibration. wholeness



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