Highly interesting for detailing which sections of the world are controlled by which secret orders/13 illuminati bloodline families and their corresponding industries. Hope this helps!

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Wow nice may I ask who put this together?
To be honest I'm not really sure but the guy who posted this a while back, which by the way was deleted for obvious reasons, said this was a C.I.A intel secret document which was snuck out by a black ops personal and sent out to certain people. As of now this document seems very legit but we can never be too careful.. :)
Yes it is indeed!
lol.. now now we don't want the monkeys on our backs for this comment..
Right down to the tee! lol
Well they pretty much figured that we are eventually going to find out so why not be the first to let the cat out the bag! Remember they are strategist so while we make one move they make 10... But not for long!

This is absolutely incredible work, the time invested in this...



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