Mantak Chia-Taoist studies series...(must download)

wholeness vibrations and luv to the resistance family .

i found this amazing file that contains  Master Chia's work  in video and book format ,and i wanted to encourage everyone to download it since it pretty much contains all that one needs to know in order to rasie their vibrations ,harness their chi and open up all the clogged energy passages in the body for males and females .

 the file is pretty big  ,close to 19Gs but it will be the best 19Gs  ever spent.

copy paste this link and download ......enjoy


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Thanks Hussam! Now we only need some seeders for the files. So everyone please keep the file in your torrent program. that way the downloading will speed up.

This is what it says when I went to the link:

Torrent has been censored, as required by US court.

And then it redirects you to search results. Do you know of another torrent website where this is available?

thanks brother ,it's a really cool website ,i just wish there was more hours in the day to absorbe all this stuff ...there's so much to learn and innerstand .


much luv to you all


Gratitide brother, youve guided me to the msg's i needed from the Pleiadians and to this now, very major tools in my process. Wholeness and Balanced Vibrations. 

Very good series, Im half way through it down and learned so much about taking care of the body by circulating the energy.



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