Wholeness and Balance to all Resistance members!

I have been practicing my manifesting abilities lately and I must say I am blown away by the power of belief. Ever since I have been purposefully constructing small scenes, I have realized that I am actually creating what I desire. A small example was one situation where I focused on obtaining a set of earphones that wrap around the ear so they dont fall off my face while at work and at the gym. After of detailing exactly what I wanted, the next day someone showed up at work with the headphones, and happily exchanged with me as I worked that day.

There have been many random instances where I have put this into practice and it has come to pass. The one that has me really charged up is manifesting my passions as a poet, writer, and artist. I have invested a lot of meditative energy into poetry, and within the past 30 days situations have started to arrive that are positioning me to become a full time artist and no longer a corporate employee.

I will say I am somewhat fearful, for I have never taken the step to be fully autonomous, supporting my own lifestyle, however I realize that 1)this process has already started, and I must push forward or I will unleash more crappy existence in my life and 2) this is the steps needed to initiate a real ascension process, for i will have to actually use all the knowledge and tactics available in the real world to push past my fear of security, and transmute this negative energy into positive energy and spiritual progression.

So resistance members, I ask that you continue to send me positive vibrations and support my endeavors, for I am sharing esoteric knowledge in my art, and I know I will use poetry as a vehicle to expose the uninformed and uninitiated to the holistic life. In a month you all will see a full roll out of my poetic endeavors, and I know you all will enjoy what is being offered, and I know you all will support me whoever you can, for my artform will suport you!

Continue forward, upward, inward, and out into the infinite galaxy!

Love you guys!

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If you are in this zone I don't want to unbalance you with my own experiences.

I will say yes and keep balanced :). Always return to that regardless.

Happy life my friend, treat 'it' well.


Your story wont unbalance me, I would like to hear your journey. I am alwyas looking for critique and differing experiences so I can further monitor if I am in balance or not. I am very sensitive to this practice, and I do not want to make any mistakes that could be avoided if the community gave me fair warning.

The closer to you people are the stronger you want your core. So that when you move outside of it, no matter how unbalanced or charged in a certain direction a situation is, you always have your core. Energy wants to move always.

Whatever that strength or balance is to you, if you can always go home and find a strong measure of it, you'll never be lost :). It doesn't matter if someone is a family member a life long friend, if they are not life enhancing to you, then choices need to be made. There'll always be what they are to you but, having them outside of your inner circle or perfected core is the key, so you can go into their lives to help with that strong center still. Your not running or abandoning anything, your doing your best for them and you.

I think that is the best way I can give it. The higher energy you run at the higher energy everything runs at, all of it, arguments, love, joy, frustrations, cracks, blocks. So again Sevan put it best when he said circles around you, You - Your immediate environment - Your outer environment/Community - Upwards etc. So when you go to someone else, for them, you do so at your strongest.

2013 is under the energy of the "3" which is all about creativity and speaking from the heart so I think allhumans are feeling this energy to be alive and express themselves and their creativity, what a wonderful time to be alive.Peace

wholeness,i started the whole body cleanse about 4 weeks ago,with intention to raise my vibration.i have learned so much in such a short time.and isnt it wonderful,to know we are creators of our own manifestation?LIFE IS GETTING EXCITING.i had no idea i was going to relocate 4 weeks ago,i live north of bmore,repair jewlery..but as my desires feelings long for fresh air,having a garden,mountains,doing healing work,and making jewelry for a living...in two weeks,um fitting what i can in my car,leaving the rest behind,an moving to galax,va. to find my true potential,of all that i have put in my vortex,i know the contast now, of all the things i dont want,what i choose to focus on, will attract to me.its an exciting life..one who expounds on this is abraham hicks,utube,closing the gab in the vortex,abiding in source,a key principal to manifesting.were living in exciting times. wholeness

sounds pretty cool, I feel joyfull when read people moving foward

Wholeness!!! I wish you much love and clarity in your profession!,   I am a Musician , and would like to further learn how to better manifest  (consciously lol)  , there have been things Iv'e manifested .., such as My marriage ,certain career Opportunities..,   is there any advice you can share that will point me in the right direction.


Thank you!  Wholeness!



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