My thoughts. I was thinking technology is not the problem it is man. Man takes everything and demonizes it. Many things are great until abuse starts, religion was great until hell was created lol. It seems mankind has a problem with leaving well enough alone. He must continue to invent until he finds a problem. Furthermore you would think a robot is dead because it is made of metal, but aren't all objects, alive? Of course. I noticed selective thinking is also the downfall of the species. We don't like things because they are not Us. We would just as soon wash hundreds of ants down the sink because We think, well they are not human. Then I started to see that each person was carrying the disease internally, an infection of character and harmony. We must work to be better people. Go give some clothes away or something, give an old toy away, do something the Planet needs, especially for its children.

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No doubt, you have some guy working on his fifth car, not first, never realizing his consumption and the loss of depth in thinking. The greatest thing to note is not that he is selfish, but how when a person is blind to their own greed they are also blind to the true meaning in life. One can be easily traded for the other. Even the people with the thickest skin against such things, make them manger and then see what happens. Its really all externalization. Looking for things that feed the external material rather than the internal creature that is dying of substance, it wants more out of the world, internal and external, it wants more than a reality that evaporates like cotton candy.

Thinking before talking is important. If it is always something else's fault beside your own then when do you actually do something about it? We either sit around and waddle in our own stench upset that we didn't make the cut, or we take the internet and other tools and do something about it. When you are tired of being pushed around then you won't take it anymore and when they take something you love like your mother, father, sister, then you will see what its all about. We have these people in the Western world whining all the time about their economy but the kids in Darfor only have to complain about they can't feed themselves because their arm is blown off. Yet they get up everyday with a smile and work with the one arm they have. The fire has been removed from the blood and as you are doing now you lash out at the one giving you the principles of life but you give the judge and police respect at least when they pass. Do you ever observe that? What has been learned here at the Resistance is chimed forth through many households and many have gained knowledge they did not once possess. In turn they don't even think about what can help this cause, they move on proud that it all was for free, the great, more for me attitude. I will remind you this site is a conscious form and is always moving thus Our ideas maneuver through each situation, now it is no longer time to blame the Illuminati, we did that for 2 years and it got us to this point. Now the power, thus the responsibility, must be passed back into the hand of the people. Soldier up. Keen lol
im feeling this.... i decided i will start from the end of the site forum to the front.. and there is alot of great things back here like this one.. wow... this is so true!

We forget about the major shift in consciousness since truth emerged. The level of knowledge expressed here has been life changing for all who, moment by moment proceeded into a lifestyle of wholeness. There has been constant expansion. I have transformed, always allowing ineffective outside influences to pass easily through the mind, body and soul")

Something to bring to the top as a reminder.

Thanks for sharing


the tornado in the water made me think of how our thoughts create patterns in the metaphysical realm, and if we allow them, they can reach right down here and lift us up into a higher place so we can see more and thus also learn about what we can truly do, with a better view... imagine our body/mind is a tiny stone in the water, and the spirit is what creates all the motion, inspiring to think about isn't it? : - ) 

We quite often talk about responsibility for actions and thoughts, but rarely about the actions of the spirit! wholeness

Thought prevoking, back to top.
man also forgets woman.

gotta use technology and not let technology use us. The second is what seems to be happening. We really are only as a good as our tools and instruments we use to take us to the higher levels.



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