Lunar Calender / Celestial Degrees of Consciousness / Law of Entropy

After studying the topic of the Olympics Opening Ceremony Ritual - Analyzed and Explained,

A lot of concepts were brought to mind particularly in connection with the lunar calender, maybe someone can offer further perspectives to refine the intended interpretation of certain aspects within a philosophy. It begins (doesn't really begin or end, but have to enter the cycle somewhere) with the concept of the human race originally starting with 16 celestial degrees of purity/awareness/consciousness and how it has degraded over time throughout the Ages in the Cycle of Time. First was the Golden Age/Sun Dynasty being 16 degrees full - not much words necessary due to extreme awareness in subtlety, (telepathy and telekinetic technology in regards to veemans operating on thought power at the speed of thought). Bodies with a balance of feminine and masculine energies/properties (similar to what one might see as hermaphrodite), conception taking place in a different way than what we know today. No experience of pain & suffering or sorrow--A stage of complete harmonization with accurate self-awareness in alignment with cosmos. However, with no real concept of it like we think of it at this time with something to compare it to, since we are for the most part, currently coming from a fragmented state/level of consciousness. 2 degrees are lost over a period of 1250 yrs (seems longer since consciousness/time connection was different)

Then at the point of 14celestial degrees, humanity entering the Silver Age/Moon dynasty where the law of entropy governed the fall of 6 more degrees gradually over the course of 1250 yrs. At the end of this Age, consciousness was half as it once was due to gradual identification with matter, bodies, geographical locations/classes, titles, positions, leading to a 'great shift' externally (mini-destruction/flooding, etc) leaving ppl stranded not knowing the technology or how to use, fix or repair since they were now operating in the Copper Age/Merchant dynasty of consciousness. It would be over another course of 1250 yrs humanity would come into a more gross form of bartering/give&take whereby religion/philosophy/ and other methods or various reaching/desiring/longing (and even sacrificing which was originally meant to be internal) to once again be free of sorrow and in a state of natural bliss/atonement/harmony within. this of course would manifest externally. And so since the first real experience of sorrow and untimely death, the search within was born and gradually interpreted as an external search for God which many began to capitalize on since we were in fact removed from our original state and continuing down the ladder gradually losing another 6 degrees.

The cycle continues into another 1250 yr period of the Iron age/Dark Age where we gradually lose the final 2 celestial degrees of consciousness. Most being so far removed from their innate nature over many reincarnations have accumulated quite a perverted self-awareness chalk full of pain/suffering/negativity, etc. Here people are completely consumed by the physical senses with full blown indulgence of sensory pleasure. Division and extreme polarization is present before the snap back to one-ness/non-duality. Time is very fast at this time much like a spinning plate in it's final rapid rotations.

Zooming out one can see the circular nature of the 5000 yr cycle - everything as fractals- micro to macro - point of light to swirling galaxies. In doing so, the symbol mentioned in the original post of half a circle, D, can be observed that for half the time, there is harmony, whereas the other half, disharmony. The auspicious time of resetting of the disc, or re-connecting the optical illusion of two ends, is one of confluence. Half the time there is victory and for half the time there is defeat. happiness and sorrow, hot/cold, and we can learn to tolerate both opposites/complimentaries. Praise and Defamation!

At any rate, additional pieces to the puzzle of this philosophy goes on to mention that since the birth of an ego at the transition period(Silver to copper), consciousness had continually been divided and sliced into many fractions/compartmentalizations exploring all kinds of knowledge, teachings, spiritual practices, cultures, cults, religions, beliefs, other ways of being, etc. whilst simultaneously accumulating experiences further impacting consciousness and self awareness/identity along the way, both positive and negative.
Ego - 'I' gives birth to a void, removed from original nature of complete harmony within and without, making way for 1. lust(desires), 2. Anger, (when desires not met), 3. Greed, to ensure desires will always remain fulfilled (i.e hording accumulation of food and other things) 4. Attachment to such things quickly becoming dependency which all accumulatively perpetuate and reinforce a concept, (for better or for worse) the Ego/ 'I' or who 'I' think I am.

Consciousness consisting of 3 main facilities, Mind - the interface where we interact with i.e computer screen/touch pad), Intellect - where information is processed, Sanskars (sanskirt) where experiences are stored (akashic records?), much like how a scar carries the mark of past experiences. The sanskars gradually become our filters to what we see on the screen as all three work in an ongoing, co-operative, cyclical manner.

any additional thoughts welcome

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