So then upon reaching a level 5 dream state, is it possible to make physical changes in what I would consider the waking world? and as for the comment below me I am also curious if an intense day dream state is similar to lucid dreaming. Especially when driving I find myself almost in a blackout state. what I mean by this is I remember getting in the truck, and arriving at my destination and only a few key points of my travel from point a to point b. often times when I am in that state I seem to be in "contact" with a white wolf that I have dreamed and day dreamed about for years and years. the first time I came across this being was 6 years ago when she guided me through the most vivid dream I have ever had in my entire life time. I still remember every tiny detail of this dream right down to what fish were in a tank and their position and colors. while this was a very vivid dream that I can remember every detail of, I was not in control therefor I do not believe this was a lucid dream. thoughts?

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Hey Brad.  

Lucidity whether it be at night or during a day dream and even while driving can be accessing either the subconscious dream levels or Astral realms.  Look at it like this.  There is basically a fractionated sub-conscious dream state that you are trying to piece together through symbols and ideas, and there is the astral realm which is akin to OBE which is this 'outer' physical world that you are engaging with, just with a different sense of time.  So one is basically your brain/ideas/sub-conscious and the other is actually a less dense version of your body interacting with the 'real' world.  

The ability to make physical changes through level 5 states is intense awareness.  I have had many times where I am presented with something from a 'dream'/'astral' in exact replication in waking life, but I haven't had enough wherewithal to be lucid and focus and attempt to adjust the 'future'.  Most of the time, the realization of the awesomeness of it, just allows for exploration through interaction and observing and not 'affecting' things.   

One of my favorite teachers, Don Tolman, calls it Window Time, I believe... in reference to your time in the car.  You are really in a hyper aware place in 2 'places/times' at once.... I've had times like this, but considering I don't drive long distances too often, there isn't much of a place to get to that type of meditation.

Sevan talks about being able to do this, but the leveling up required much focus and intensity.  

Again, Lucidity can mean a lot of things, but primarily it just means awareness.  From awareness to remembering through observation to interaction to actual full Lucid participation seems to be just a gradient.  Its like being fully 'alive' and participating in say, a sporting event, but not being able to recall too much of what you did on the field.  Dreams aren't too much different, it just takes making to effort to 'download/import' your interactions so you can 'reflect/adjust'....   Hope this helps a bit





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