Hi everyone!

For the past few months I've been experiencing something very strange. Before this happened I never really looked into lucid dreaming, I knew it existed, but I never really felt compelled to it.

As of two months ago, whenever I start to drift asleep the following happens: 

- I start having unconscious (sometimes vivid) visualisations. It's like energy is building toward my brain and it just goes "BOOOOOOOM" (Sorry, I just can't describe it as something else than boom). I startle awake and sometimes gasp for air. This used to happen 7-15 times a night, trying to fall asleep. Have I dozed off too far and I finally beat myself through it, I fall asleep and everything is well.

- My eyes are closed, yet I can see the room. I sometimes get confused whether my eyes are opened or not. 

- Sometimes If i decide to open my eyes I get startled.

- And sometimes visuals are still there. On two occasions I saw a monk standing in the room, looking at me, next to a tree, in grass. There's also been an occasion with a chair  floating mid-air, or spheres. It goes away after 3 seconds. 

- Whatever I see seems to be vivid, especially in the sense that I can see depth and details very clearly. Which, for me, is very different from conscious visualisation. 

- I can not control what I see, sometimes I just see the room, places I've been, or places I've never been before. 

- Most of the time I see people aswell:

 * People I've met, but people I've never met aswell.

 * Most the times they are just going about their business untill in a flash or instant their head turns straight to me in an evil looking fashion. They'll pull weird goofy looking faces with a macabre touch. For instance, missing teeth, dripping slime from mouth, very wide cartoonish smiles, tongue hanging out, eyes going in diffirent directions, missing flesh, blood, hairy warts. It reminds me very much of an MDMA comedown, due to lack of serotonine. 

- Moments before I can see these vivid visuals, I cannot consciously control what I visualize. I might already see these macarbre, goofy, cartoony yet very detailed human persons, or might have other unconscious visualisations like patterns or reptiles or places.


I can usually steer whether this happens or not. There seem to be periods where it's on and off. I:

- Focus on my third eye

- Pretend to fly and make loops and turns, as if I were in a rollercoaster. I do this very consciously and I can feel my body/brain getting disoriented.

- I pretend to have my eyes open even though theyre closed.

First ever time this happened was when I was taking a nap at my girlfriend's place. I was running away from something in a big castle. I got up to the castle wall and decided against my intuition to enter a very dark doorway. I entered and realised I couldnt escape from it's darkness, the door shut. I startled awake. I cannot recall whether this was a lucid dream. 

I hope somebody could shed some light on what's going on! 

Thank you very much!

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i feel the same way...in thee beggining i got that BOOM feeling too.

then i started seeing the weird entities that tried scaring the crap out of me. this is a bigger problem than most think. i feel completely dead from all the energy that i get drained from me every f****** day. i get day long head aches, stuff like that.

i had just written a preety long response to this but the power went out. so ill just say this. negative loop

this s*** destroyed my life. im not even able to talk to people anymore my energies as so f***** up. 

someone please shed some light. im tired of living the shitty life in a self made hell running negative loops over and over and over.

ok that out of the way one tip i have man is just try to balance your chakras, especially your first two, and your heart. this seems to relieve, sometimes. i know theres no easy way out just dont give up.

i want to live again too..

this is ground control to major tom.

Hey David,

Thanks for the reply! I hope you start feeling better soon and get out of your loops! 

However, I am bursting of energy, eventhough I'm sleeping less. Im about to graduate as software engineer and started my own business a month ago. I have sleepness nights where I cannot get rest becauses ideas keep pouring in. I can see the law of attraction act out in front of me.  So I'd love to hear your "longer" reply and your story, before your power went out. 

And thanks for your advice! Few months ago I had a odd, mushroom trip. It very much revolved around the third eye chakra.  The concept of the Indigo Children resonates very deeply with me. After this trip I looked up some 'third eye characteristics', all of them are about 100% correct for me. Especially notable, in this trip, I could  see myself morph into an eagle, which later I found out is an important characteristic of the indigo third eye. As of then I've been focussing on developing this chakra, being careless about the others. So I will most surely take up on your advice!

thanks man. its all just energy. mine is just out of balance. having inbalanced(too much or lack of) chakras can cause weird chain reactions inside our bodies that effect us spiritually and then manifest phisically. a good axample would be my reply from earlyer, my root and throat were out of whack so i COmmunicated(throa) a weirdly and had loads of fear and kunk embedded in the words(ROOT). i guess what im getting at is this, balance ur energy centers dude. find wich need attention and try to heal em up. heres some vids i found that could hep. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYjhJeSVJ2A&feature=g-vrec&c... thanks for listening...
im typing this on a ps3 so ill make a few mistakes here and there. i meant to say junk not kunk haha

Thanks Dave for your insight! I've been following up on your advice!

I've also been doing some research and will place some keywords to more "rational" theories here which struck with me. Hopefully some day they'll be useful for someone.



Exploding head syndrome

Lucid Dreaming

False awakening

Form constants

Level 4 Closed Eye Hallucinations

Auditory Hallucinations

Have a great day everyone!

hey sorry for before i was really out of it. i found some great pages here on the resistance that helped me balance my energies and i recommend to anybody having trouble conroling the abundant energy that is here and coming out of our hands.. 



Mudra Of Earth (grounding and strentgh)

Mudra Of LIfe.

Hope this Helps bro. love, and light.




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