Many times I have found myself questioning some very foundational beliefs. Beliefs that I and the society I live in hold deep inside. At first it was small things, like santa clause and the tooth fairy. I got over the deception, but always asked why would (they) do that? As I got older, other beliefs fell apart. Everything from government to jesus dropped away and now I find myself tossing around the idea that the earth is not a sphere and is more like a disk. A week ago I started to notice a ton of videos pop up on youtube about this topic. There are many angels to this concept – But the one that sticks out the most is that before 500 years ago, no one considered the earth to be a sphere. It was a disc, this is in the art and culture of the ancients. There was a system that worked with on this model which carried over to the body mind and spirt – the chakras even fall inline. I have been running all my known beliefs though this disc model – my mind is all hyper now plugging ideas and childhood thoughts in place. It is exciting on some levels when you find your self able to answer some of those childhood questions, like why doesn’t all the water just fall off this ball we are on. Or why is the sky blue? There are many reasons I have found why it is a good plan to make people think that earth is spherical – manly for containment illusion. Quarantining and imprisonment works best when the prisoner does not know he is a prisoner. Here is a link to one of the many videos I been seeing on youtube.

I also noticed this surge of this information coming out right now. Most the videos have been posted all in the last 2 months. Made me consider this information as disinformation. Something inside of me says there is much more to the picture. I would love to hear any thoughts about this topic.

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ive also been wondering about this lately.....

Your on it Michael. so glad i watched it then thanks for posting it.. it so makes sense in my way seeing it


I have been looking at this as well.  I got to thinking that maybe we are on a disk that spins, but also maybe there are levels of disks that spin above and below and the center is where we move on the ladder so to speak.  But maybe there are many disks that actually form a sphere.  It is obvious that we spin.  We see it in nature even babies when they are born have a small area on their heads where the hair grows that form a spin.  I am working on seeing this in my astral travels but haven't got quite there yet and I know that is where I will find my answers.  Great thoughts though.  I am still searching.  :)

This is a complete dead end of inquiry...its intended to be such...if you could astral or soul travel to any degree,you can clearly see the Earth is round.(looking down or back at i mean)..just like the other planets out there..a new planet formed inj the Pliadies recently,ive spent some time on...its round as well...there may be flat,square,oblong or triangula planets out there somewhere but ive never seen one...

some of the planets in Orion are inside their suns?weird...quite beautiful from the little ive seen...sadly for the current line of inquiry their round also,far as i can tell...

i have occasionally been in evolutions that are so different to ours you cant really tell what you,re lookin at...other universes i guess..didn't see any flat planets in then either though?...oh well:-)...

terra forming triangles then hexagons , thats why no radius of curvature .Always looks like your standing on a flat surface . because you  are . triangles . 

Is I flat or is I a Sphere. What is I who is I..



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