After listening to the amazing Truth Frequency Radio Audio with Dan Winter and Sevan, there was a point that Dan made when he said something along the lines of "Anyone can lose their soul at any time".  

This got me thinking and correct me if I misheard but how would you know if you lost your Soul?



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i always thought we WERE / ARE the soul, and as such, wouldn't really know it, but... just stop being here.

i could be wrong though, there are all of those myths of people selling their souls.

anyway, wholeness and don't worry too much :)

First my higher self:

If your souls energy is concentrated on something that isn't you, have -you- lost your soul?

I had a big egoic reply typed out but this was better :), suffice to say gratitude for giving me the opportunity to reflect on where I have travelled from, and where I now am.

All is self except illusion. That phrase gets banded about plenty, but many are operating on illusion, and so that would account for the loss of energy when you for instance tried to interact with them, as they are sustaining an illusion with their energy, and whatever you give them. 

Think of it like this...

In holly wood most of lost there souls like our 'stars' and celebrities. They are not dead - but they lack the ability to make there own choices in life.

If you lost your soul you then have lost your ability to make choices for yourself - if you lost that ability then something has to come in and fill the spot and pull your strings.

Are you making your own choices based off of what you want or what someone else wants.

Hollywood functions upon their celebrities 'selling their soul' to them:

(Bradley:  Why do you still do it?  Why are you still out here?

Dylan:  Well it goes back to that destiny thing.  I made a bargain with it a long time ago, and I'm holdin' up my end.

Bradley:  Should I ask who you made the bargain with?

Dylan:  With the chief commander, on this earth and in the world we can't see.)

Source : http://newtomorrow.us/index.html

This ties in with the  prevelant mind-control practice operating in these circles (Madonna, RAP 'celebrities' etc.) that is well-documented elsewhere. And shortly after Michael Jackson began to openly refer to it...


We are here to co-create, not become pre-fabricated or commercialized commodities. We are simultaneously the dancer, the danse and the choreographer ! ;o)

Interesting isn't it. 

We - Soul - Oversoul - Source. The terminology isn't important only the idea of bigger and bigger spheres of you, or more subtle and more subtle spheres.

Certain when I burned off old parts of my persona and the smaller egoic spheres, I feel happier than ever, when I become the soul again I'll be even happier, you don't lose anything, you just have access to more.

Piece of Meat - Piece of 'Me at' here. Its just the way people treat meat at the minute, that can make this sound distasteful to the ego. Whereas its the divine temple, or vehicle just the same way, no doubt in my mind or spirit the more work I do on it on connecting the spirit through all of me.

I think in the cube we need 8 of us, 8 angles of perception (pieces of soul) to see a circle or full view of the circle/sphere. That makes sense now what Sevan and others had said about there being more than one incarnation of us on the planet, for me it doesn't matter if they are here now or were here 5000 years ago.

The only thing that makes me go hmm, Val, is from an energetic level fear stops integration into anything, you'll never get into something fully if you fear it. Same with Soul I feel, on life's experience, even if it was the opposite to what was intended it is still information to download and so worth integrating in balance.

The entire universe or as Sam put so well You-In-A-Verse :D, is learning its harmony daily, thank you for this piece or shape of creation!

One thing that would explain all the spirits out there, is if persona itself, or the small spheres our consciousness moves through still exist somewhere, in some place and time, to be accessed if its useful for the global and universal consciousness.

Rich journeys.



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