I have a question. Perhaps this question has no answer. But I will pose it anyway. Does anyone else feel a sense of loneliness? It seems to me the more I learn and the more conscious and aware I become the lonelier I am. Those I had contact with prior do not understand me and so friendships have faded. My family thinks I am eccentric, they still love me but we have little in common anymore. Trying to physically reach out to like minded individuals is not very easy short of the internet. And even then one has to be careful as there are many with not so honorable intentions. I am able to keep myself focused for the most part, but there are times when my vibrations drop and emotions run rampant. Anyway, enough of the whining, just wanted to know if this is common and if so any suggestions on how to manage it.

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You are the universe. If only in your dardknessness I could show you the light if your own being . Gplus - the alchemical dream

Open up that heart chakra

How do you begin?

Remember that the statement "open up that heart chakra" is in fact a spell utilizing words. Now while one's intention is obviously a very important part to any commandment, instruction, manifestation, etc. one is still framing and filtering that through words and specific areas of one's lower mind respond to that language. Your statement only makes sense also if it is pre-loaded with memes about what does it mean to open one's heart chakra in the first place etc.. Of course depending on what memes, teaching, training one has been exposed to, everyone will tend to have a different interpretation of the statement. When one sees clearly the distortion fields though one can clearly see the consequences of what that statement can create for most people not in the know on the higher levels in regards to how their energy fields are operating. 

But to provide the statement as you have so simply, the heart chakra will respond. But how will it respond? That is the key. You put out the call to change and every call always does have a response... As the statement stands on its own as advice giving to another party you know nothing about, this could be seen as very irresponsible advice for many reasons. Many i will not be discussing in this post.  I have seen these kinds of direction, advice, guidance giving commonly in New Agey meme fields. Just open up your heart chakra everything will be kool. Oh come do this heart chakra opening meditation and open up to the universe energy field of love...Love eh? Explain to me love...lets start there.

Opening the heart chakra indiscriminately down in this domain is unwise to put it mildly as that is the control point for the Astral Body. There are plenty of already vulnerable open doors in the Astral body and this is a fantastic way to obtain new field attachments and overshadowing and all sorts of things. One does not just open the heart chakra until certain specific steps have been taken in one's energy fields where things are sealed and the energy field is running a specific frequency field buffer that will maintain integrity while then focusing on opening specific areas more if the intention is for healing and expansion. One has to keep in mind what is one actually opening to? (another example: hands on healing...a person is laying both hands face down. On the back of the right hand is the white hole vortex for that chakra and it runs counter clockwise which means its primarily magnetic pulling in frequency in the local field. It is pulling in frequency indiscriminately and then running it into the clients body....To put it quite frankly there is all sorts of crap in people's fields and the larger environmental field so sealing the back of that hand chakra is as simply as creating a closed circuit loop by placing the left hand on top of the back of the right hand.)

Literally one must know within one's fields when they open their heart chakra what are they opening into? What larger field? What is that? Where is that? etc etc.  Because most people carry the tube torus reverse merkabic field distortion in their light body fieldm when they open their heart chakra it feeds right into much larger feeder fields and lightbody energy can be siphoned easily. The Matrix is really much more accurate than people even realize. Even those in the metaphysical circles.

The even more efficiently destructive route is to do some of these unified heart merkabic techniques people are doing in groups. What a mess that is. Dont get me started. Not trying to single you out here Peter or hijack your post or anything as I kind of went on a rant lol, but your statement brings up a good point of education and probably deserves it's own discussion post separately. Thanks for sharing. 

this is normal. In fact for most of my friends in the know everyone experiences increases phases of deepening loneliness as well as connection if we could call that its complimentary side...not necessarily opposite.

Here are some thoughts as self inquiry investigation for deepening. What concepts do you have already per-concieved or understand about Loneliness Vs. Aloneness Vs. All Oneness?
Explore how each of these feel in your body and energy. Dive into each. Don't think about them conceptually in order to arrive at an inner standing of them.

For those of us who have traveled and connected all the way back up one's frequency line to creator level we find that we have a point of origination and individuation. In a sense we are alone or One but within many Ones. We then tap into the formless or the field that can form an individuation point. Here in this space there is no such thing as any of the concepts or terms we spoke about above.

Within structure created out of that infinite we can give rise to also infinite potential conceptions and lenses and filters that create endless cosmos for exploration.

Something that has helped me because I have experienced this deep aloneness for sometime is to reflect on and connect with the greater state of being space where Aloneness comes out of. It's like seeing ourselves experience this as a ripple that goes outward it touches all creation this vibration. We are the point of origin but where does it come from truly?

From my innerstanding Aloneness and Loneliness have a different feel to them and can be very different experiential states in one's being. Even the most fundamental innerstanding would be what part of me or levels are involved in this experience I am going through right now? That might even be a place to start in exploration. But ultimately these are just prompts for deepening and one always starts where one is at. :-)

Those who use the term lonlinness or whatever part of a person when they share and use this word in particular I often find that they are generally taking the perspective of a lower or smaller part of their total identity structure. We can tune in to and listen between or beneath the words after making the statement, "I am lonely". And see what we pick up on. Is there anything empowering or disempowering in what we experience next?

The one clue in what you said that could be a very telling place to recognize where you are at is you finished your post asking if anyone knew how to "manage" it. To me this is very obvious what part of you spoke that question. It's a subpart of most people's fragmented lower mental body that gives rise to an aspect that is put in charge of many things related to survival and even some forms of thriving down here. It is already trying to manage this "it". But really this subpart doesnt even know what It really is..

It perceives the emotional, physiological, mental response labeled as loniliness or translated through the memetic program of the mind and this perception is highly filtered and so no real possible innerstanding is possible when it believes it can act on these reified concepts as independent of everything else.  Google the term "Reification". The google the term Meme.

So this subpart of oneself might try to Act on something to create an effect but it fundamentally is also unaware and in some cases cut off from realizing its true Nature within the Whole. In other words we could have answered your question by simply saying that you have a Mis-Conception about your very Nature. Your identity. And the filter or block or whatever that is then leading to this desire to Manage or fix or ease or control your state etc. is in fact a product of a Pre-Conception. And what that last word is about is me pointing to the truth or OBJECTive reality that there is higher levels to your conscious awareness field that is within a structure where there really is an object a layer of programming that is doing the filtering and is operating on a totally unconscious plane or level or layer to where you are focusing presently on the D-3 Mental Body. So your loneliness is really only a partially experienced piece or digital electro tonal bit that downsteps from higher or deeper levels, If you desire or intend to grow and integrate these levels then you might put yourself into a cauldron of intensity with varying stressors like emotional states or feeling states that are deemed more unpleasant to walk through. In-tension, Attention. What are you In-Tension with. Was this your Original Intention?

What I have shared will open up to more inquiry where you can begin to live the answers in your direct moment to moment experience. The great unfoldment or enfoldment back to your true eternal impeccable immaculate core identity structure.

Little stream of consciousness ramble there for you. Hope something triggers or sticks for you. Keep walking through the fire.

so I kind of provided a more expanding response. Let me provide a more straightforward one too. When I was first waking up to all this in 2000 those first few years were very very lonely as I just didn't have a community structure and others I could talk to in person about my new innerstandings and understandings. I was on the Internet quite a bit and found it was the one place I could at least find others of like mind and spirit. It would then still be years before I really found people off line who were on the same wavelength.

One of the ways that helped me meet folks was starting a meetup group. meetup.com fyi. I did one on Indigos. I also attended some as well on energy healing etc. This helped for a bit. I found I still felt a off because most of the people into these topics were 20 years older than me and I was quite young. The reality is that most of the younger aged people are not as awake and aware as they are in earlier and interrupted stages of development.

Besides looking up local groups considering moving to a more sustainable environment for your growth could be a consideration. Also skype is pretty kool. Having the visual connection really allows for a much more powerful energetic connection between people that usually we only get when in person offline. Perhaps you could skype with some of the folks you have met on this forum or elsewhere? Maybe there are more spiritually minded skype groups that meet for mutual support?

Also there is a saying that whatever you feel you lack or need is what you are not Giving yet. So maybe this is intense enough and real enough for you to start something like a Skype support group or Google + Hangout session because loneliness is something many people go through? This group really could have a unique intention set before each hangout that everyone collaboratively feels they value and that it would serve to empower them in some way.

Just some ideas...

In my personal experience, loneliness is one of the first experiences of freedom. One cannot both fly and hold onto the nest/hive simultaneously. This sensation of weightlessness feels very lonely at first. This fear must be conquered. Fear comes from the unknown and unexpected. Face the fear and it transmutes into the wind that lifts you when you let go to spread your wings.

Stand and tremble in the presence of this unaccustomed sensation of freedom and detachment. Resist the instinct to grasp the familiar. You are now taking flight into the infinite flux. Transmute this feeling of fear into a feeling of unbounded energy.

Push through. There is no other than one-ness. The illusion of the "other" creates the illusion or reflection that feels like a companion.

L / ONE / LY



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