I have a question. Perhaps this question has no answer. But I will pose it anyway. Does anyone else feel a sense of loneliness? It seems to me the more I learn and the more conscious and aware I become the lonelier I am. Those I had contact with prior do not understand me and so friendships have faded. My family thinks I am eccentric, they still love me but we have little in common anymore. Trying to physically reach out to like minded individuals is not very easy short of the internet. And even then one has to be careful as there are many with not so honorable intentions. I am able to keep myself focused for the most part, but there are times when my vibrations drop and emotions run rampant. Anyway, enough of the whining, just wanted to know if this is common and if so any suggestions on how to manage it.

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Depends on your perception of "being alone". IMO, we are never alone energetically, mentally. Going inside your mind will prove that. You have foreign thoughts, thoughts that are not yours, this shows there is some connection, meaning you are not completely seperate/alone.

For instance; most of my childhood, I always FELT a powerful energetic presence around me, wherever I was. Late at night, I sometimes "feel" (like static/energy) presence around. Thus, I am never really alone.
Our perception of loneliness can come from no spirit-human bodies sharing the same path as us. Like you said in the OP, your family is not as 'awake' as you, and thus you feel alone.

Im not saying I never feel alone, that is a 'feeling' everyone has, regardless of your energy, there is always some point in your path where you feel "alone" - this is a good stage (in life) to seek more internally, and connect. Take more time with your self, and connect with self.

Perhaps, the lonely feeling, comes from our disconnect from the Source. Which is why we all feel it at one point or another. Like loneliness is 'branded' into our being, from the initial disconnect (energetically) from Source/Self.

If we feel alone, we are perceiving ourselves as seperate, and thus we are not connected within our higher states of consciousness. When we get there, Im sure the lonliness will be extinct in our perception. But we are here, living in a dualistic universe, our minds are divided, meanign not connected or WHOLE.

I believe the best cure this feeling is to understand and look at it as just that a feeling. But you are still an energy-consciosuness on the path to self discovery, and when that "all is self" state is reached, the loneliness will be no longer. You will be WHOLE, complete, connected, and the lonely feeling will cease to exist within.

my cure for this is meeting people, also, questioning the role i am playing and inventing new ones : - )
Wholeness and balanced Vibes : - )

For the first time in my life I can relate to what you're feeling. 

I've felt that 'lonliness' of not fitting in because of being able to pick up on things quickly. In public school it felt like I was wasting so much time sitting there listening to information I already knew. Consequently, I didn't enjoy it at all. I remember looking around at the others sitting in the classroom and most were 'daydreaming' - something I can rarely do. I found it very difficult to relate to anyone other than adults and even then there were only a few who were not treating me like a dumb kid who didn't know anything; my dad, my grandma & grandpa and uncle,  all on my dad's side.  They were my saving grace because I saw at the age of 5 that most everone was just 'doing what  they were told' and never asking any questions. That was the core issue of my low level (superfical) feeling of not fitting in. At the same time, even though I attempted to relate to the 'nerds' around me, I somehow couldn't 'connect' with them. Although more book intelligent, they seemed to lack personality or a sense of being able to discuss 'life' itself.

I excelled in college. It was the happiest time in my life. I was excited to get up every day and looked forward to what I was about to learn that day.  Unfortunately, the repetiveness of work stiffled my fire and I found it difficult to deal with the politics, deceit and drama that goes on when working with a variety of people, all with different agendas. Again, I didn't fit in so I left that career and persude a new one. One where I worked one on one - dental hygienist - and could keep focused on results instead of drama.  I loved that occupation until I discovered there's a lot of shady dentists; filling undecayed teeth yet letting decayed teeth rot until they required a root canal.  Universal disinfection protocols being ingnored, dentists using unsterilized instruments because they didn't want to wait 3 minutes for the sterile instruments to become available, overcharing patients and the list goes on and on. Then there's the fluoride issue. We are not allowed to tell our patients it's a toxic by product of atomic manufacturing. I've lost interest in this occupation now too. I have not yet learned how to just keep my mouth shut and do what everyone else can do - as Tina Turner sings in Private Dancer - 'you just keep your eyes on the money, you don't think of them at all'.

It may have been knaive of me to think most people in the world (with the exception of the greedy, psychopaths, crimminals and the vicious  - which were easy for me to see even as a child) were working to make the world a better place.

All my life, even with all of life's ups and downs and craziness going on around me, I still felt connected because I knew I had an inseperable bond with those 4 members of my family. So, no matter what I didn't feel lonely - just different.  Unfortunately, the people I could relate to on a truly - maybe it was both mental and spiritual - sincere level have all past away and for the first time in my life I feel lost, depressed and disconnected. The natural passion I had to persue whatever interested me is gone. Now, my seeking of knowledge seems to make me more depressed. The scope of the insanity on this planet is beyond what my mind can assimilate.

Like you, I too feel alone.




Kfive is right on target. As I read his post I remembered when I was 17 the only way I could relate to others was by going out on weekends and drinking. I had to be in a state of total 'happiness' in order to be among people that age on a social level. Having a few drinks just made me laugh all night. Then the time came where 'myself' told me that the other 5 days of reality just sucked and I needed to find something I was passionate about to keep me from being swallowed up in the abyss. I went to college and everything in my life changed for the better. That limbo time was very difficult though, and this limbo time seems even more difficult because I don't have the family members to go to who kept me feeling like this limbo is just a stage, not permanency.

I replied here earlier but after reading everyone's comments I realize it's not really lonliness I feel. When I really think about it I have friends I feel close to and truly enjoy and look forward to being with. So the feeling is about something else.

There may be SOME truth to Jack Nicholson's  "you can't handle the truth" statement. I believe I can handle the truth. But it isn't just the truth I need; it's the plan I want to know. The motive for the plan, the consequences and the outcome.  LOL.

I want it all. Otherwise, how can I make an educated decision on whether or not I want to take part in it. 

So, I don't think it's lonliness I feel, it's actually disillusionment.

Discovering, let's say, there's other entities here; that scares me. What are they doing? Are they going to harm us? Will we reincarnate into a more insane world than this? I think any feelings of lonliness stem from feeling there's something horrible going on and no one else taking it seriously.

I think the statement 'you can't handle the truth' is a mind control statement. I think it's said so we don't ask what's really going on. When someone doesn't want to tell you what their plan is it's usually because they know you wouldn't likely go along with it.

It has finally sunk in that disposing of humans, ie, the crusades, the burning of women, the endless wars has been a PLAN. I thought it was just about crazy people and that there were only a few of them.

I just had an epiphany. For years I had a recurring nightmare. My roommate Michelle and her boyfriend were in the front seat of his honda civic. I was in the back seat behind Michelle. As we were turning the corner to our home, I saw, at the top of the hill, a swarm of red, white and blue lights. The lights of fire trucks and police cars. My first thought was that there must have been a terrible accident for there to be so many vehicles in one place. There were crowds of people on the grass on either side of the street. Michelle's boyfriend stopped near the bottom of the hill for a minute and we just stared ahead. I just wanted to jump out of the car and get in the house. I didn't want to see what had happened. Craig wanted to check it out. I begged Michelle to get out and come with me. Craig slowly drove up the hill and about halfway up a crowd of people started running frantically down the hill towards us. At that moment I knew something was wrong and I wanted to get out of the car and not go any further. I screamed to Michelle to get out of the car. As I was getting out of the car I looked in the direction of the crowd so I didn't get trampled and all of a sudden I saw a naked baby covered in blood hurling through the air. For a split second I thought maybe there was another car accident up there and the baby was projected through the window. It was far scarier than that. The uniformed people at the top of the hill were doing it. I turned and ran down the hill.  I was terrified. I glanced behind me as I was running and at that moment I saw Michelle on the ground. She'd been hit by a blood covered baby.

For many years I've wondered what this dream meant. One day the song 'one tin soldier' came to mind. The last words are 'Peace on earth is all it said".

I thought that was the answer to the dream. Seek for peace on earth. But now, now that sevan has revealed that peace is also 'piece' and not what we think of when we think of peace it makes more sense.

I don't think I'll ever ask for peace on earth or seek it again. 

The statement 'my family thinks I am eccentric' caught my eye.  My dad told me that some of his friends called him eccentric.  He's O rh negative and so am I.

Are you rh negative?


Very beautiful discourse. As we transition and transmute there is a buffer of sorts as we remember through experience how to increasingly utilize innerverse and evaluate related tones/vibrations/etc. And so much more. It can seem like one is 'loosing it' at times but rest assured you will be more able to interact with the external as you choose. This is a gift given to those truly mindful of improving the external for all. Wherever they may be located in space/time. The intention and seeking of communing with other energies of the like will bring comfort and the bliss associated with the innerstanding of group activation, collaboration, and alignment within balance and wholeness.

One may discover the more one expands and refines their innerworld, the more others become attracted to the core of that. You. One may perceive the attraction as negative and it very well may be. The feeling or perception that others think one is 'crazy,' 'weird,' etc. I noticed that the experiences of largely transmuting the swirling feelings of attachment to other's perception of my path greatly assisted in traveling more smoothly. It is a work in progress. And as Sevan stated elsewhere in thread, we have each other and as one adjusts to the increased vibe, likeminded others are likely to arrive soon or welcome you in fellowship.

great discussion guys. of course we aren't really alone but sometimes we can get stuck in that thought. there are so many resources here and all over the internet and in your local communities, not to mention friends and family. however i do agree with you as push myself i feel more isolated so i have to make more of an effort to stay grounded and connect with the earth and those around me. 

I just want to say thank you to Everyone who commented on this and thank you to azu kosmos for posting this, I've Always felt like this ever since I was little and it's one of the most wonderful feelings knowing their are other people who've felt similar I could've never come up with the right question to ask or know how to ask about this in the first place but after reading through all the comments and really try to understand everyone's personal look and intake on it I've really felt the connection on everyones advice wholeness to you all :)
For me my sense of loneliness comes with a real sense that my humble circle of family and friends just don't get me or a so polar opposite to me! And with every small or large awareness or another state of awakefullness brings a gulf between me and my peers so to speak! I also believe that the loneliness makes me become self reliant and I feel it is that that will build a internal barrier within myself! Either good or bad., I'm feeling that it'll become a plus point! Feel free to object? Everyone is scared of being, just simply being, we all live within our own heads to varying degrees .., I'm not knocking anyone that feels lonely.. It's an emotion that needs to be released! I also feel that if everyone was honest that each day brings varying degrees of feeling lonely to feeling ok being me! I hope you've managed to stay on my trail of thoughts ..



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