I have a question. Perhaps this question has no answer. But I will pose it anyway. Does anyone else feel a sense of loneliness? It seems to me the more I learn and the more conscious and aware I become the lonelier I am. Those I had contact with prior do not understand me and so friendships have faded. My family thinks I am eccentric, they still love me but we have little in common anymore. Trying to physically reach out to like minded individuals is not very easy short of the internet. And even then one has to be careful as there are many with not so honorable intentions. I am able to keep myself focused for the most part, but there are times when my vibrations drop and emotions run rampant. Anyway, enough of the whining, just wanted to know if this is common and if so any suggestions on how to manage it.

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Hi all,

We can all understand that each response is really the same thing and we're all at different levels...

Really, how can one be alone??  There are trees,plants, animals, music and so much more. 

I think in showing support for each other we can learn to expose the loneliness and grow from there.

We all know it so so well. 

Wouldn't it be great if we all got together!?  Discussing/Sharing/Expanding...

Now that would be something I think we would all enjoy..


that's what this beautiful space is and why we are here "on earth" and this site. It's a strange adjustment to make when you really start to see and understand that we aren't just hanging out with the trees, plants, animals, music and so much more but that we literally are the trees, plants, animals, music and so much more. it can be disturbing at first to see we are one supreme-being, eternally and infinitely transforming, shape-shifting, moving through experiences and not necessarily separate beings interacting. it can be overwhelming at moments to deal with the power and responsibility of managing the universe that we are.

I just broke through one of the toughest mental battles i had in my life to date, i swear it was a psychic attack. But yea loneliness really doesnt exist you can fix yourself.
speaking of your battles amir, why was your thread discussion erased without a trace? it seems odd, and i attempted to post about this but it was refused approval... if rules were violated we should e informed not censored.

glad to hear your pulling through, hope we all helped.
I asked the same question on why it was removed by i read the rules after, no talk about the illuminati controllers or what not, i guess the point is to stop worrying about them but idk, yea, im weeding thru all the disinformation out there
this makes sense because fear mongering is fruitless...
but censorship is not the answer.

i agree with the sentiment of the closure, but perhaps a thread lock with explanation would be more open and transparent, the way information should be.

Somehow I see the word Lioness in Loneliness. I suppose when we enter "Guide Mode" it can indeed be a little lonely for a moment, in a good way as you develop further. After all you now have all of Us. :-)

I appreciate what you said at the end brother; "After all you now have all of us".

We make up the resistance TOGETHER, as ONE. We are all here for one another, we are all sharing simular paths :)

Here at the Resistance, we are never alone, we have eachother, and that is a beautiful thing. We dont need to know eachother personally to feel as family; we are all spirit-human-consciousnesses, sharing the grand experience together, and that IMO, is what makes a family :)

Thanks brother, wholeness.


A thought floated across my path and I focused on it, evaluated it and would like to share it with you all.

It is regarding this topic.

This sense or state of loneliness.  In this game full of tricks, shadows and illusions... could it be a possibility that this state is actually where we want to be to some degree but our conscious mind/ego doesn't like and therefore it goes into combat mode and takes over?

Loneliness only applies to the ego? The inbetween state?  

Laughing at how silly this actually is when dealing with the ego can really help!  Like great comedians we can see how important it is to not give a sh1t sometimes (George Carlin).

I will end with a quote from another great spirit/comedian...

"it's just a ride"

I'm interested in peoples thoughts on this.

Wholeness & Balanced Vibrations


This is how ive cone to recognize what is going on that we never actually want "true peace" we all want to find "the fix" but the best feeling is knowing there is no "fix" there is just different and better
there is n answer, only more questions.

those who seek a quick fix look to others for answers and the cycle of attachment begins, creating industries like pharmaceuticals which provide tour "answers" in bottles.
We are never alone! I came to realise this after meditating and coming to that realisation I felt this sensation for a while and learned to let it go as it isn't anything positive that helps us.



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