I have a question. Perhaps this question has no answer. But I will pose it anyway. Does anyone else feel a sense of loneliness? It seems to me the more I learn and the more conscious and aware I become the lonelier I am. Those I had contact with prior do not understand me and so friendships have faded. My family thinks I am eccentric, they still love me but we have little in common anymore. Trying to physically reach out to like minded individuals is not very easy short of the internet. And even then one has to be careful as there are many with not so honorable intentions. I am able to keep myself focused for the most part, but there are times when my vibrations drop and emotions run rampant. Anyway, enough of the whining, just wanted to know if this is common and if so any suggestions on how to manage it.

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During my first spiritual evolution, I felt isolated. I think the feeling of lonliness comes about because you are embarking on a lifestyle that calls for you to kind of separate yourself from the "NORM." At a certain point you wont partake in events or convos that are not conducive to your spiritial growth.  I am on my second evolution of spiritual growth, hopefully, I will stay grounded in it, so I will for go the loneliness again but this time I have a family, so we will see how far along they will venture with me in this journey. Its not easy having a certain eating habit or being mindful of how you interact, but you get used to it. And dont feel bad if you fall of the horse along your journey, its all part of the growth. Stay strong and stay focused on the goal. I think this social network is great because it connects like minded souls, so you dont feel lonely. But I too desire human contact, theres nothing that can replace actually sitting down and building with someone in person.

Thank you for your words of encouragement. Even as I find myself more isolated, there is no way I can go back. I will continue to love those who were close to me, I will continue to love my family even though they don't understand me and I make them nervous. I do appreciate those on this site and others I have had contact with on the internet but as you stated nothing can replace sitting down and building with someone in person.

with the people around you i may be good to start with vary small things that a person can relate to, and you can prove, if you feel your making someone nervous dont push, but just wait till the universe helps and it will, if you ask right and It always takes you down the path your ready for, the harder the path the stronger your soul is in the first place because thats the way of karma. if someone doesnt understand you, dont hold that as burdon and dont punish yourself with it. learn from it look and find the leasons and find the Light/Knowledge and innerstand your place in it and then realise how you can mould it, i can garantee those around you who are nervous wont be looking at it from duality "in perspective" they will only be seeing whats in there understanding "they stand under there knowledge not hold it within", so to over see is to truely get perspective. Iv learnt to lighten up on those not in the know, there being feed on and there energys leaching, most dont have the energy to accept the depth of the all, the lonelyness i feel is a reflection of the realisation of how little we realy know, or have been told, and how in the light of it is how small we are in the sea of timespace, but the beauty is a little passed this when your eye adapts to the light new vizion and wonders awake, connecting in person becomes less nesassary, as we are all connected threw soul, and all can learn together in the astral, Just stand proud in the fact your walking in the Light./Knowledge, not standing under it in confuzion

@ James Lyon

Its funny you should mention Pi James. Before I became conscience of my spiritual journey I read books like " life of Pi" for Philosophy and it offered me spiritual insight as well as information on phi that connects to this discussion:

Life of Pi Plot

he offers first the more fanciful version of his time at sea. But, at their behest, he then provides an alternative version that is more realistic but ultimately less appealing to both himself and his questioners. The structure of the novel both illustrates Pi’s defining characteristic, his dependence on and love of stories, and highlights the inherent difficulties in trusting his version of events.

Though the narrative jumps back and forth in time, the novel traces Pi’s development and maturation in a traditional bildungsroman, or coming-of-age story. Pi is an eager, outgoing, and excitable child, dependent on his family for protection and guidance. In school, his primary concerns involve preventing his schoolmates from mispronouncing his name and learning as much as he can about religion and zoology. But when the ship sinks, Pi is torn from his family and left alone on a lifeboat with wild animals. The disaster serves as the catalyst in his emotional growth; he must now become self-sufficient. Though he mourns the loss of his family and fears for his life, he rises to the challenge. He finds a survival guide and emergency provisions. Questioning his own values, he decides that his vegetarianism is a luxury under the conditions and learns to fish. He capably protects himself from Richard Parker and even assumes a parental relationship with the tiger, providing him with food and keeping him in line. The devastating shipwreck turns Pi into an adult, able to fend for himself out in the world alone.

Pi’s belief in God inspires him as a child and helps sustain him while at sea. In Pondicherry, his atheistic biology teacher challenges his Hindu faith in God, making him realize the positive power of belief, the need to overcome the otherwise bleakness of the universe. Motivated to learn more, Pi starts practicing Christianity and Islam, realizing these religions all share the same foundation: belief in a loving higher power. His burgeoning need for spiritual connection deepens while at sea. In his first days on the lifeboat, he almost gives up, unable to bear the loss of his family and unwilling to face the difficulties that still await him. At that point, however, he realizes that the fact he is still alive means that God is with him; he has been given a miracle. This thought gives him strength, and he decides to fight to remain alive. Throughout his adventure, he prays regularly, which provides him with solace, a sense of connection to something greater, and a way to pass the time.

There's vast amount of pi symbolism ties into pi's troubling spiritual journey


Piscine’s nickname, Pi, has a symbolic relationship with the mathematical pi (p). The ratio of the circumference (circular) of a circle to its diameter (linear) is pi. The correlation between the linear journey to North America and the cycles of doubt and faith are experienced by Pi. Mathematical relationships are calculated and explained logically and rationally by the irrational number pi. Unbelievable experiences and irrational events are explained logically and rationally by Pi. Neither Pi nor pi can be confined by logic or taken to a coherent ending point. Pi is sixteen when he is shipwrecked, and pi is the sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet. Pi even uses pi (p) to work out the circumference of the algae island.

Algae Island

The island itself is symbolic as a Garden of Eden. It offers temporary salvation to Pi, but he must leave the island Eden once he discovers the black “forbidden fruit” on the twisted branches of the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.” His illusion of the island is shattered. There is a kind of heaven and hell associated with day and night. By day the meerkats eat without having to kill and show no fear, even of Richard Parker. At night, the island becomes carnivorous and the ecosystem feeds on itself. (See Chapter 92 Notes)


The name of the ship comes from the Kabbalist concept of tsimtsum, where God withdraws himself to make room for the creation of the universe. The sinking of the ship may symbolize God withdrawing from Pi to make room for Pi to develop as an independent creature. Tsimtsum is necessary for creatures that are to become independent so they can freely choose a relationship with God.

It's a really amazing book if you haven't read it already. This topic discussion reminded of the loneliness I felt when I became more aware of the world around me. However, I'm glad I read and analyze this book carefully for class because Pi I realize there's always aid to help my journey (as we can see with the rubble raft and Richard the tiger) even if you're in the middle of the sea. Also QuantumPolarity made a good point, that our journey is like a razor's edge. Likewise Pi fascinates his entire journey to ease from the panic, kinda how we're trying to find our inner strength through practising meditation and good health. Lastly Pi taught me the most importance lesson that we should sit down at this time and discuss and find our real god power within ourselves so we may reunite with our true selves for this coming time.

Sorry man your right about the Pi/phi naming, i stand corrected. and yes the term God and how Pi's relationship with realisation, it is facinating, watch the movie, titles "Pi" faith in chaos, its goes in to its relation to kabbalah,

I have felt this loneliness since a child, never felt the connection to people, loved my Mom and Dad but they are gone now and I really feel alone. Thought I had a mental disorder. I feel connected more with animals. I have always been a good person and would never hurt anyone.But just dont have friends like other women do. I am very friendly when in public but cant wait to grt back home and be by myself. and yet it makes me so depressed. I am so mixed up with this..

I understand how you feel. For me I want interaction, but when i am around others or out in public, I feel disconnected and can't wait to get home. Trying to maintain friendships with other women is difficult as for the ones I am in contact with I feel i have little in common with. When I participate in a conversation people in general get a blank look on their face and their eyes glaze over. When I see this response to what I am saying I usually just back away.

maybe some of you need non verbal communication, different forms of contact... just not the usual thing people associate with "non-loneliness", also: i am alone nearly all of the time, but i am at one: be at one not at L-one with yourself, hehe


The lion stands alone

It never fails, what I need is always here when I need it. Thank you resistance :).


Actually I just remembered this phenomenon is also known in the West as the "the dark night of the soul".  If you Google it you can find a lot of people's experiences/understanding of it.



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