I have a question. Perhaps this question has no answer. But I will pose it anyway. Does anyone else feel a sense of loneliness? It seems to me the more I learn and the more conscious and aware I become the lonelier I am. Those I had contact with prior do not understand me and so friendships have faded. My family thinks I am eccentric, they still love me but we have little in common anymore. Trying to physically reach out to like minded individuals is not very easy short of the internet. And even then one has to be careful as there are many with not so honorable intentions. I am able to keep myself focused for the most part, but there are times when my vibrations drop and emotions run rampant. Anyway, enough of the whining, just wanted to know if this is common and if so any suggestions on how to manage it.

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         Sir , you are not alone . Ive been expieriencing the same feelings lately . I cant even count on 1 hand how many poeple i have actually met in real life that i will even waste  my breath speaking to .  Their intentions are petty , selfish and pothetic .

their words are meaningless and serve no purpose but to make a pothetic attempt to distract a soveriegn being with their ignorent  ,  inconsiderate , selfish  meaningless rhetoric . This accounts for   98 percent of everyone ive ever met in real life .

Its enough to instill a sense of hopeless ness for a person that can even minutely see past the   brainwashed religiously indoctrinated mine not yours slave mentallity . 

                       Thats why its important that those that  are starting to wake up , have someone come along  when the time is right  ( like  now ) and let them know the reasons  why this  is the way our reality is . 

                                   Ive discovered that the human race  is somewhat of  a crop  thats been planted here , for the intention of harvesting beings with Apparritional    Sovereignty  .          Parable :   in africa they sift through tons and tons of not so desireable material to find one little diaomond .     The  same way with Potential creator beings , It seems honesty is  something that  cant be cloned .  You can take 1 honest person , and make 100 clones , and still turn out with 99 duds ( dishonest ones ))    Because  its not just in the DNA  ( which is a big part )    But is has to do  with  the way brains grow fractally , based on the decisions a particular form of conciousness decides to make . ( enviromental factors aand variables also . )   


                    Beings  that have been manipulated through fear to be the way that they are because of fear of some almighty  retribution dont make good creator beings  . They simply become world eators , like a virus that moves from world to world ,  consuming everything in their path .   Thats why these beings will never make it off the farm .      But ones that conciously decide to look upon the ignorent potheticness of the majority of humankind , and  say thats a prime example of how i could never be . And decide to be honest because their hearts intelligence wont allow them not to be .   Therefore they make a concious decision , out of their own free will , driven by heart .  

                               So now you know how much of a rare , priceless , most desireable ,being that you truly are .

Something thats not so easily created , and  could never be bought , sold ,  Or manipulated and distracted from sovereignty by some  meaningless ignorent pothetic attempts of unconcious beings , that  dont , and will never have the courage , or ability to step into heart . Love is lust to them , they dont know the differrence . Their stuck in mindless insane control dramas , desire only to manipulate  others , profit from dishonesty ( or another persons loss or misfortune )

      They laugh diabolically,   and consider themselves indifferrent from another persons sufferring ( and even get off on it sexually   , which is truly an abomination )  And their not even conciously aware of why thay dwell  in endless conflict . It seems to me that they are  just wired up wrong , or backwards .    They are not happy unless they are miserable .    

                                    And when we reach the center of the galaxy , They  will  simply be flushed   down the preverbial drain  .  The burning mountain , the inferno of time , in which their souls will burn .   Perhaps for eternity .    Or untill the end  , which only begins again .         Its about the eternal degradation of a  thermodynamic ( or fall )  system , and  how to spiral  negative beings into a VORTEX OF PAIN .      FOR THE  AQUISITION OF PURIFIED  ENERGY LIFEFORMS .


Thank you for your reply. There is much to think about with what you have shared.

What you are feeling is the space between one plane of consciousness and the next, the zone I call the void or buffer which keeps the frequencies from infringing on one another. While you are passing through it you feel very much alone because you have left your previous frequency and all of the entities that existed within it and you are yet to breach fully into the new frequency so you in effect feel as if you have no friends or nobody to relate to, stay your course and you will find a brand new vista of relationships ready to board as soon as your new frequency becomes balanced and consistent. Not to mention you have Us. :-)

Thank you Sevan for your reply. You are right. Even though I have been preparing and seeking knowledge most of my life, I have within the past six months made a tremendous shift. This has led to confusion in my family and friends, not to mention in myself at times. I am a different person in a sense. My entire focus has shifted. I do not see anything the same. As with all things, I guess I may be going through some growing pains. The thing is I have no choice, in a sense, at this point. There is no going back, I am beyond the point of no return. I am indeed grateful to have connected with this group. I found you when I was ready. Thank you Sevan and all the members of The Resistance.

i've really felt lonely more or less... forever.

even when i make friends and feel somewhat connected, there's always just that special something missing.

i think maybe actively loving people, finding ways in which people are interesting, being outgoing, can solve this.

it's an effort though. 

some greek sage said: "love is the reconciling force present within all beings", i agree, but, can we find that force?

ya i mean honestly i only feel lonely when i'm with other people i don't understand.  my social skills are  pretty rusty most of the time.  i feel like im a helper type person that even so i feel like we are all connected so its okay . and it also helps that i  am trying to build trust and acceptance in myself.  and just to finish off my ramble, i dont think we fear others most of all i think we fear ourselves. 

Yea I get this, Iv lost my relationship of 5 years because i moved and she did not want to see, and her eyes seen wired shut, I had to accept that shes on her path, I am on mine. to be honest we are all alone, when your in pain no one else feels it. it is yours to cherrish, went you long for the affection that came so freely, thats yours alone, though in lonelys we are one, "Al one".

oneness or alonenss?

were awakening some choose to lift some arnt shifting so, some are falling its crippling to feel that you may not be able to lift the ones you love, It sent me into one of my lonelyest times of my life, the realisation that if someone doesnt think anythings wrong you cant help them, "An abundance of speech profetith nothing" I learnt fast you need to learn what a person can handle and start small or just leave of, also if by saying things that a person is ignorant to all you do is push them away, but "discorce with thee ignorant as well as the wise it is adored by the soul". though be vary aware that we cant youse our light to push away the the shadows, so sometimes its better to keep it safe and hold it alone for those not ready will get burnt, and us all one's have a responciblilty to look after tend and shed light on those who deside its time to be be one with the all.

I agree, we are all alone. The emotions we feel do indeed belong to us. I think the most difficult part for me has been learning to trust in myself. It seems many of us have been taught from an early age that to focus on one's self is an undesirable way to be. We are taught that we should think about others first. I have come to understand that by doing this I have lost trust in myself, I focus too much on what others think and seek validation from external sources. For me this is where the loneliness manifests. By not having many around who can grasp what I am learning there is no one to validate me. This is again something I need to have a shift in, gaining the knowing that only I can validate myself. De-programing one's self from years of brainwashing can be a painful, emotional experience. The tendency to cling to false ideas is nothing more than a form of the Stockholm Syndrome. I still have a long way to go, and it is a comfort to know there are others who feel like I do, I know it should not matter, but it still does for me. 

Loneliness is where we learn to feel and fill that void with something that comes from within our own self...

I actualy ment ya can push away the shadows with your light,

but if phi is the all and we are phi, phi and soul are one, your soul is all and so is mine, were al'one not alone, so instead of worshiping you I should worship my phi and your should worship yours,, someone who is led will never go astry though someone who follows will never find the path, so follow your heart, your Phi will lead you in the right direction every time. trust your intuition its right every time because we pick up desturbances in source feilds, and our sences know the change in energys so when you question a motive trust your self, its the best adive i could give anyone were all connected to the space inbetween, the nothingness. though it is not nothing it is everything, it is just without perseption. your a god, worship yourself or no one else will!!!


It can be curious at times how things come to us when we need them. Your reply was just what I needed to remember at this time. Thank you

Seven and the resistance have answered so many missing wholes in my life they were always there I always knew, just this society is designed to not tell you so that the entitys that believe they "own" us can feed on our phi, with out your enegy they will starve, and thats there fate because when we realise that you can give your energy to whom you choose and not surrender it to coruption we find wholeness not holyness, Im on the path to becomeing whole, never again will I lye in holyness.


My choice now is to give my energy to fill my holes with wholes and repair the damage that has been made by the ignorance i was and heal, for I feel this is the start of a fight, because these dark energys will not leave us without a fight but with giving love, honner and truth to yourself, we will not be broken, becauce truth will always beat corruption. if i give my energy to you, The awakening at the resistance, we the devoted grow in light to harness and sharpen our light to a force so bright it fills the shadows and burns the vamperic souless dark with light, and there in our fire no darkness will fall and no vail will blind us like night, where we may shine a path for those who seek to shelter from the storm, as lights among men and sons of suns that shine above all,



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