The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic mascots called Wenlock and Mandeville have been unveiled.

They look like two little steel aliens with one eye each and a yellow light on top of their heads as a homage to London Taxis.

Wenlock's name comes from the village of Much Wenlock in Shropshire, England - which hosted a precursor to the modern Olympic Games in the 19th Century.

Mandeville is named after the birthplace of the Paralympic Games, Stoke Mandeville hospital in Buckinghamshire also in England.

The games' organisers hope they will make a lot of money, but inevitably perhaps they have come in for criticism.

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That is crazy!

"But they will meet again, In London, In 2012. They'll be there, you'll be there, the whole world will be there!"
Here is the re-post to the blog of mascots of zion 2012.

"kang kodos london mascot" similiar to the Simpsons charaters. Simpsons = Sampsons = Suns = 2 Suns = 2010 The year we make "Contact" via earthquakes, volcanos, oil spills and i'm sure more to come.

Consider the same types of correlations

Add a slice of Nostradamus..Century II - 41. The great star will burn for seven days, The cloud will cause TWO SUNS to appear:
The big mastiff will howl all night
When the great pontiff will change country.
2 Suns symbol looks like 2 eyes

As in the synthetic DNA announcement on May 20th that dovetails in with this as well which has one cell looks like an "eye"and this is the creation of 'new"life from out of destruction comes creation. .

JUPITER turns into a star in 2010 film:

And what do they say about these so called MAscots..It tells us about two life forms created out of iron by a retiring "BLACKsmith"Can u say agent of the matrix (Prometheus/Vulcan/Enki/Lucifer) and with the MAgik of the rainbow they come alive. Alien contact of the one eyed metal beings

AKA terminator? Well Jupiter just lost its stripe and Japan Launches New Venus (the pentagram planet) (Lucifer)Probe and Solar and the name of the ship Akatsuki =dawn. As Atlantis docked at the ISS and has already deployed the Russian 'Dawn' module which was of course related to a pentagram ritual

And right now BP is to shut down its Atlantis oil rig long behold the troops being trained hard

Hail zion?!...and more intresting things to come...Wholeness to all and pls stay tuned!



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