I came across this information and I am curious if any members or Sevan has practiced this- Coffee enemas or the Gerson therapy? This isn't new information but was discovered in the 1920's 30's but of course mainstream medical establishments abolished as no evidence but there is clearly quite a bit of evidence. I was hoping to hear others experience or knowledge of the practice or any alternative doctors who use in their practice? My intuition told me this is something my body would benefit. Since this has been around awhile I am interested in hearing others experiences. There is some interesting evidence and here are just a few statements of the evidence

Dr. Max Gerson used this clinically as part of a general detoxification regimen, first for tuberculosis, then cancer. Caffeine, he postulated, will travel up the hemorrhoidal to the portal vein and thence to the liver itself. Gerson noted some remarkable effects of this procedure. For instance, patients could dispense with all pain-killers once on the enemas. Many people have noted the paradoxical calming effect of coffee enemas."Patients have to know that the coffee enemas are not given for the function of the intestines but for the stimulation of the liver."

In 1981, for instance, Dr. Lee Wattenberg and his colleagues were able to show that substances found in coffee - kahweol and cafestol palmitate - promote the activity of a key enzyme system, glutathione S-transferase, above the norm. This system detoxifies a vast array of electrophiles from the bloodstream and, according to Gar Hildenbrand of the Gerson Institute, "must be regarded as an important mechanism for carcinogen detoxification." This enzyme group is responsible for neutralizing free radicals, the harmful chemicals now commonly implicated in the initiation of cancer. In mice, for example, these systems are enhanced 600% in the liver and 700% in the bowel when coffee beans are added to the mice's diet."coffee enemas have a definite effect on the colon which can be observed with an endoscope."

Physiological Chemistry and Physics has stated that "caffeine enemas cause dilation of bile ducts, which facilitates excretion of toxic cancer breakdown products by the liver and dialysis of toxic products across the colonic wall."

In addition, theophylline and theobromine (two other chemicals in coffee) dilate blood vessels and counter inflammation of the gut; the palmitates enhance the enzyme system responsible for the removal of toxic free radicals from the serum; and the fluid of the enema then stimulates the visceral nervous system to promote peristalsis and the transit of diluted toxic bile from the duodenum and out the rectum.

Since the enema is generally held for 15 minutes, and all the blood in the body passes through the liver every three minutes, "these enemas represent a form of dialysis of blood across the gut wall" (Healing Newsletter, #13, May-June, 1986).

Prejudice against coffee enemas continues, however. Although this data was made available to Office of Technology Assessment it was largely ignored in their box on the procedure. They dismissively state "there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that coffee enemas detoxify the blood or liver."

There are many sites that tell you how but the instructions are long so I am not going to post the how to give; however a tip I have read is the darker the coffee bean the better it works. Does anyone have experience or know someone who does this practice? How has it made you feel? What have you noticed in your energy vibration? 

Wholeness and love

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i prefer to drink my coffee but to each their own.

This is quite interesting!  Although I do not know of anyone who has carried this out, I couldn't help but to think of my own consumption of coffee ie. orally, and what and why does it matter which way it enters the body.

From personal experience; as a form of a laxative; I would say it has proven very successful; although that was not the reason for me enjoying a cup. I have decided to eliminate it out of my diet; and during this time (the first two days) I have had the worst mood swings, accompanied by headaches. 

Getting back to why having a coffee enema is different from drinking it: I found this little explanation here:


Here's the excerpt:

The intestine has two circulatory systems attached to it.  One system supplies the intestines with blood for maintenance of the intestinal tissues.  The other system is called the portal system.  It is a critical body system that draws all of the absorbed nutrients from the intestines and sends them directly to the liver.

In other words, when you eat food, it does not go into the bloodstream, as everyone thinks.  Only a tiny part of it does, which is the nutrients that are absorbed in the mouth, esophagus and stomach.  All the rest of the nutrients go into the portal system and go to the liver, not the general bloodstream.  Here, the nutrients are further processed by the liver before entering the main blood stream.

So when coffee is introduced into the colon, it is absorbed directly into the liver through the colon wall.  Coffee has a special affinity for the liver, and moving it there from the colon is very different than sending it to the liver by drinking it.  When coffee is ingested by mouth, it is digested by the stomach acids, mainly, and most of its herbal medicine properties are destroyed.

Coffee taken by mouth is okay as a stimulant, laxative, and perhaps a smooth muscle relaxant.  One cup of regular coffee daily is okay for most people, but not highly recommended, and more is harmful.

Hi Holly,

I have been practicing coffee enemas for about 5 years after reading a few books by Dr. Gerson and his daughter Charlotte Gerson.  I can only speak for myself naturally, and I find the coffee enemas to be very effective.  I'm not a doctor either, just your average Joe (pun intended)!  I started eating a very "clean" diet of vegetarian foods and also attempted full raw vegan for a time while using the enemas.  I know that Dr. Gerson did as many as 6-8 enemas a day!  That seemed overly time consuming and a bit over board for me though.  Through the years of doing them though, I find it more effective to first administer the coffee and then plain distilled water.  Start off with less liquid and work your way up.  They will be difficult to hold at first and you may only be able to hold them for one "pass" or 3-4 minutes.  Don't fret!  Mainly, breath, relax, and keep in mind that it is a cleansing experience!  The experience is without a doubt relieving and energizing, but not in a caffeine buzz sort.  Lastly, when you see what comes out, remember the old adage, "better out then in"!  Feel free to ask me anything you like about the process or personal experience :)


Thanks for the replies. :)

Maria- I read that too about coffee being a better use as an enema than drinking it and one article went so far to say that we got it backwards no pun intended and are using coffee the wrong way. thanks for the article link :)

Ben-Thank you for sharing your experience and yes I will look to you for further info if need thanks. One question though I also read that the coffee should be as dark a roast as possible that the darker coffee beans have the better nutrients? What kind of coffee do you use? I too have read that some do it a lot, I just watched a you tube video on a young girl who has been doing them daily for 2 years to help heal the cancer she went through and she was so thankful for the practice and how it has helped heal her body. 

thanks everyone and anyone else please share


I think regarding the coffee the most important aspect is that the coffee is organic and free of any impurities.  What I mean simply is don't buy flavored coffee or a brand like dunkin donuts.   I personally buy something on sale (I like a good deal) and a dark roast.  I usually drip brew my coffee and because I use a steel strainer and not the paper filters, I set the strainer inside of a pyrex with the coffee until it cools off.  I figure it brews darker that way and I get more brew for my buck.  I have read quite a bit of info on them as well and I agree, people have cured many different dis-eases with them.  So take a deep breath, trust your instinct, and give it a try.  Maybe you'll end up (tee hee) enjoying them!



Hey Ben!

If you are really looking to get more 'brew for your buck' as in a caffeine boost, try lighter roasts.  Seems a bit counter-intuitive at first, but dark roasts per volume contain less caffeine than lighter roasts. Here is an article, so I avoid explaining it poorly - http://www.scribblerscoffee.com/coffees_caffeine.htm

For me, coffee/caffeine can be a bit overwhelming, but oddly when I use it for an enema it is much 'smoother' of a kick.  Whether it is up the pooper or down the gullet, coffee can be a great addition to your health arsenal.  

I've seen quite a bit of research and peoples experiences via curezone.com that coffee enemas are terrific for helping rid the body of waste.  Also, people might look into DMSO and MSM as well as MMS.  Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide seems like the most researched and time tested, and Baking Soda is quite an obvious choice for alkalizing / cancer removal.  

Cheers all


Hi Zen,

Thanks for the heads up on the brew of choice :) Strangely, I just ordered some MSM and I am looking forward to experimenting with it.  I'm familiar with DMSO also.  I have ingested my fair share of food grade hydrogen peroxide and take baths in it also.  This isn't my first rodeo, I'm a bit of a veteran in certain aspects ;) There is a great synchronicity for you!  Do you practice what you preach or just love to research?  I love both!  The website you mentioned, "wow" is all I can say.  There is definitely a lot of info there!  Blogs are great to get firsthand accounts and experiences.  I am an avid reader as well so there is always a book to my nose!  Anyway, thanks for the info.



Gnosis, Praxis, Entelechis

I've been using DMSO/aged urine and Hydrogen Peroxide baths more regularly recently.  I have been taking baths over showers.  I've tried all the stuff I suggested with results.  The MMS was quite heavy duty on my system.  I have been preferring urine therapy lately.  The extra boost of 'brightness' in my brain tells me it's the correct move.  I cycle about 3 16 oz glasses per day, but I have to stop before evening or sleeping is hindered.  



Hello again Zen,

That's great to hear.  How did you find the use of DMSO and in what regard do you use it?  When you mentioned that MMS was quite "heavy duty", what type of reaction did you experience?  My apologies for the questions, but I'm very curious what effect they have. I agree with you on the urine therapy, I have been practicing Shivambu Kalpa for over a month with distilled water also.  It certainly wasn't what I expected!  I love that the medical community calls urine "plasma ultra-filtrate".  Surely doesn't leave much to be questioned!  I have to thank Kate of Gaia for introducing me to the practice :) I love her and her community, they are fantastic, supportive, and enlightening!  Thanks again Zen.



No worries about the questions, I'm happy to help.

I use DMSO occasionally internally, but primarily on sore joints and muscles topically.  I've found it to speed up healing and increases flexibility if I use it prior to stretching.  It seems to have the most agreeable response to my system, in that it doesn't cause discomfort and directly assists in whatever my ailment may be in quick measure.  

The MMS caused a great deal of what I would suppose would be a Herxhimer Reaction, basically causing a great deal of 'toxins' being released in a short period of time.  Surely it is a great addition to anyone's health regimen, but for me it has caused quite immediate and acute symptoms of healing/organism die off that is pretty uncomfortable.  I will add it into my arsenal once in a while, but I am quickly coming to the conclusion that our bodies contain the panacea.  The quickest, gentlest and most accurate healing modality would be contained within our spacesuit.  

I did a 40 day water fast a couple years ago which was outstanding, and I've done a few short juice/ master cleanses and urine fasts.  

How much urine are you consuming during a day?  



Hey Zen,

How do you feel about garlic, onions, and that family of vegetables?  I have been reading conflicting information about them.  Are they really toxic and do they have a negative effect on brain cells?  Do yogis avoid them because they effect meditation and the two hemispheres of the brain?  There seems to be a lot of information about the benefits of DMSO, MMS, and MSM.  Aren't those vegetables in the same category because they contain sulfur?   I'm not sure how I feel about it now.  

In regards to urine, if I am working from home normally wake around 4ish, drink the mid stream and return to sleep for another couple hours.  Then again when I awake for the day.  I partake in a coffee enema before I drink my homemade juice (apple, lime, pineapple, spinach, kale, and celery).  Then I normally continue to a bit after mid-day.  If I have to be on the road for work, I only partake in the 2-3 morning urines.  The glasses that I use are approximately 6-8 ounces. 

A few things that I have noted since I started urine therapy/Shivambu.

- I feel far more relaxed

- my thinking is much clearer

- lol I judge others far less!

- I find it easier and humorous (in a good way) when others judge me

- I require much less sleep

- I dream nightly and vividly 



Hey Ben

Lots of good questions.  My feeling is that everything in the vegetable kingdom has its place within our development, meaning that at one stage it might be wise whereas another stage it may not be.

Onion's signature link up with blood cells, cleaning and transport...most likely white blood cells, so it would seem that they would be good addition for healing.  Garlic has a long history of being anti-fungal and healthy.  

It would seem after our body is running in optimum condition though, that all we would need would be prana/chi.  A step below that would be just water.  A step before that would be juice, and before that solid vege diet, and so on...

DMSO is an organic sulfur.  Are you saying that onion and garlic are sulfur containing veg, so they may not be good?  

Things seem to aid in the cleaning process.  Just as cancer isn't an enemy but a trash can basically, or a parasite (pair of sites/sights)  is just an agent to remove/digest things that you can't.  Although, after your temple is clean, you don't need a trashman, garbage truck or trashcans anymore!  

So, this is to say, I suspect that yogi's avoid them because they'd be reintroducing something that would get in the way of full functioning of the self-powered dynamo that they are becoming/are.  

As far as midstream is considered, I don't think it's vital.  I drink from the first drop to the last.  Andrew Norton Weber (aquariusthewaterbearer.com)  does a great job explaining about distilled liquids/urine.  

I definitely agree with all the things you said about the feelings when 'taking the piss', with the exception of being relaxed.  It gives me a ton of energy, it is calm energy but nowhere near wanting to 'relax'.  





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