List For Raising Charge - Entering into a longer waveform - Nesting yourself within or without of time

List For Raising Charge/Entering into a longer waveform/Nesting yourself within or without of time.

At its current level, I will label this Initiate for innerstanding.


1, Foods in their natural shape are better to eat rather than chopped, as they have spent their life absorbing it.

2, Human attention focuses charge.

3, The DNA is the highest form of natural spiral, and focuses charge.

4, Living in a place that hasn’t had its charge or gravity thrown off by careless building work focuses charge.

5, Surrounding yourself with naturally completely, not cut, objects will help you focus charge, as they all are doing.

6, Living outside of slavery, using all your bodies, allows the aura to be self sustaining, and charge to form, as well as the earths gravity to flow naturally.

7, Radiation does the opposite, which is why it should be avoided at all costs.

8, The Kundalini raises charge.


Breathing into the golden mean ratio Fibonacci progression felt useful, more fine breathes as you implode the breath from a larger one to a smaller one, or the other way around to experience that. Daniel Winter speaks of it but I’ll need an adept to clarify.


1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144

I feel quite a big charge when going up this scale. You don’t have to use seconds, use faster but consistent counts, it is more about getting into a continuous waveform. Going down the scale also has a distinct energetic feel to it.


Forming Bliss fields is a big key, smile to open the crown Chakra. (Investigate Bliss fields for more for more details, I am now.) Try to hold onto that bliss field by balancing. I find the biggest bliss fields form around me when removing self, ego, and concentrating on aiding others, you may find alternative techniques better for concentration.


Feel free to incorporate this into any larger list


If someone can explain sexual energy better than me please do so, and we can add it.


Sexual Energy when properly applied raises charge, when perfectly fitting the fields or forms involved. It creates a chalice or cup to hold bliss and the charge of the body.
Some work/investigation into breathing is needed, I was experimenting with using multiples of 1.618 the sequence itself, which an adept may prefer, so please correct which you feel is right. After 1.618 into finer breaths where would you go? By then is the point you should be set up into a natural waveform? The same question I have after 1 in the sequence above.

As always, more questions arise, but I wanted this information out there as a start to offer to beings on my level of spiritual development.

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original notes on the (phase conjugate) centripetal harmonics of the bliss field

as implemented in my original BlissTuner biofeedback for brainwaves..

current implementation in breath feedback via iphone:

for group bliss experience..

(background notes on hrv / breath- how harmonic inclusiveness defines viability

in every living thing.. {climax condition: bliss

Thank you Daniel for this, I really appreciate you linking the information to study and further innerstand what I am coming across. Already, at times, I can see we are better off breathing in the natural golden mean ratio to achieve certain things in meditation


I will do more research now, I hope this post helps someone or contributes to their growth.


I've found a smaller version of the clip I uploaded of Daniels teachings, specifically for breath.

Further practices :) Apologies for multiple posts, but this information is so critical to get practiced up on. Bear with it if you struggle (wrestle with an archon) for innerstanding, it will be worth it.

Thanks Karrade, and Daniel, the excercise link and the golden mean video do simplfy, the innerstanding of the post. :)



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