Just a quick message to all family members,

The importance of going viral- I would ask that if after you have read a post, or written one even, to please take the time to share it on your various social networks, the resistance is gaining momentum but we need that momentum to increase even more so, especially in these coming months. Myself and another member have been going through the archives and posting choice material to StumbleUpon, by taking a few extra minutes to share the post saves a couple of us many hours.

Another useful way to get us noticed is through other spiritual, metaphysical forums, sign up and poke your head around, make some friends and when others have questions you know where you can direct them to.

We are presently working on getting 7 interviewed on various radio stations that have a large following, a post was presented last week from Mr. Spirit Matter regarding this. If you have not taken the time to send a letter to specifically coast to coastAM, please do! I may remind you we are the ones in control of our own destinies and no one else is going to do this for us. That being said i will also bring up the least favorite subject here on the resistance and that is regarding reinforcements.

I am hearing much talk as of late about the institution in Costa Rica and things of this nature, without the proper funding this can not be brought into reality, nor will many of the projects that we have on the back burner, which are amazing new ways to bring forth the information but they require time and money, both of which we can not expect 7 or his crew to take the responsibility of souly :) 7 has stuck by his promise to never charge for membership on the resistance, i guess it comes down to the perceived value you think you have gained from being a member of this site....something to ponder on. We realize that everyone has a different set of circumstances and that is respected we are only asking from those that can contribute consider doing so.

To reinforce the resistance financially is not the only way you can contribute to the current, if you have extra time on your hands and can help with some of the many tasks we have here on the resistance please do, i would like to give a shout out to those members who are pulling your weight, these deeds do not go unnoticed and we thank you. For those who may have missed this post here is the detailed list of things we need done. When we help each other we help ourselves.


If you want to sign up and get specifics get in contact with any of the resistance veterans and specialists:

Sevan Bomar


Mr.Spirit Matter




Here is to rapid expansion and growth on all levels, In wholeness, K.

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I do have a project i am working on in regards to setting up a questionnaire for new members who join the site, to help point them in the right direction of their interests as the site has been up for three years now and has a lot of content, which can sometimes be overwhelming. If you are interested on collaborating with me on some questions, i would gladly appreciate the help.

been trying to help out for the past months..i contact people but get no response. is help even needed? ? LATER

Hi Cee thanks for your efforts to contact, the best way to reach us is honestly through Skype.  If you have been going the email route that is very slow at times as the email box gets backed up quickly. Even better a sure bet in getting a hold of any of us would be to join us on the Wednesday life coaching Q & A chat on Skype, its at 6pm CST, refer to the post in the blog area if you need time zone change (its in the comments area) Here are some of our contact names.

Sevan @innerstand

Whole (Luis) @outthebleau

Mr Spirit Matter (Pablo) @mrspiritmatter

Whole Transformation (Me, Krystal) @divinetransformation

Hopefully we can see you there, please review the link above in the post regarding the positions, so you know where you will want to be of service, wholeness.

Sevan or someone representing the site could appear on edge media perhaps? (On the edge show would be good) That would be something to see, big audience too. I do spread things to youtube and friends where I can. I held off on the small niche sites, but I will round up many I used to frequent if that would help things.


As far as funding: The shipping costs on worldwide items seems very low too. 6 Dollars to the UK seemed tiny, as I said to someone I felt bad that it might be costing them money to get an item to me.  I realise the aim isn't to make money. When I am fully set up I will reinforce as best I can, so many things I need to sort out in the present, but I am getting there.


Also two Niche's we really might benefit with reaching





I would probably add artists of any kind to that. Many are having spiritual awakenings through what they are writing, composing etc. I would guess painting, or in any way expressing. These people need to be reached and given the truth, so that they can make their own choice about what to believe.


A clear choice, no strings, no lies or deceptions in the way.


Est to you all. Wholeness

Great thinking Karrade, perhaps if you can come up with a game plan to help us get noticed in these areas, i would love to hear of your ideas and help you to implement them :)

I will put some ideas together for you, give me some time to meditate on it.


Reaching people is easy, it is just inertia, using the systems in place and sheer force of will to persist. I've built more web projects than I want to name over the years. (In cycles, before the inner me realising the effort was wasted, on meaningless things).


Ideas I have a million of. Two Issues really stand in the way:


A, Will someones old belief system even let them consider the possibility of anything but their one single view of the world, long enough to read or watch anything.


B, We must use a better vehicle than a box, or something which leeches from people, putting us above and beyond many of the current systems in use.


I will meditate, and formulate something productive. There is always a better way to find. My gut advice is to keep hitting the popular and obvious topics, be the reflection to shine truth on what lies are put out, their deeds are after all their own worst enemy.

I appreciate your request. I am a baby seeker so at this point I am here to absorb and evolve. However, one of the reasons that I became a member was my observation that NO where on the site does it ask for money in exchange for information. That really impressed upon me that this is something unique. Resistance does have my financial commitment. As I evolve, I  will give all that I can. 

Hi Yvette, Yes the resistance does pride itself in being non-profit driven, i do know for sure that we are the most comprehensive site on the internet that provide seekers with real time solutions for their spiritual advancements, some of the matieral found here you wont find anywhere else, a true diamond in the rough.  So i extend a warm welcome to you Yvette for joining us here on the resistance, we truly operate as a family here, so like family we are here for you. Wholeness and balance :)



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