Hi, When i was pregnant with my son i saw this light form made up of a lot of little lights that made up a form of a being in front of me.  I did not feel scared at all it was there for a couple a minutes and i knew it was here for my son.  After a couple of minutes it was gone.  After my son was born he was a few months old and he had a high fever at night.  I fell asleep and woke up scared that i had not checked his temperature.  As he was asleep on his stroller and i turned to look at him that light being was right there next to him again.  And again i was not scared at all, the energy is friendly and loving.  After looking at it just standing next to my son, it send me a message "go back to sleep, i will take care of him" and i instantly went back to sleep.  The next morning i woke up remembering what had happened and told my husband my son had a visitor last night.


Has anyone else experienced this before or something similar.


Any feedback will be appriciated :)

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Hey SONIA well ive never written of this here and barely ever spoke of the incidents but since you brought it up :) when I was maybe 7-8 i had an encounter with a being whom I would described as a golden color light and the eyes were a dimmer light who came into the room and just stood over me of course I was terrified and felt it there hovering over me the thing is my older brother and I shared the same room and his bed was just across mine and he saw this also we wereboth scared I remember seeing it come inside and then just get next to me and stare down on me at the time I was frightened but it never harmed me but we both witnessed this and never spoke of it. Another time when I was about 12-13 it was nighttime and I was hanging out with my older bro and his friends in the pool area my bro asked me if I could run to the house which was maybe 50 yards away crossing the field to grab him something so I did and when I got near the front of the house behind this big fluffy type tree we had was this bluish light being just there as if he was looking / spying on us from there. it felt like I surprised it because I ran up on him he/she looked back at me I remember getting chills and screaming and running back to my bro and his friends to tell them what happened then they came back with me to check around and we saw nothing this of course I never spoke of this.

In retrospect now that Im older I dont believe he was there to harm me perhaps it has been that that has been protecting me and guiding me because there has been many times in my life that Ive amazed myself thinking how the Ef didnt I get killed or hurt doing that but its still a mystery but I am not frightened anymore :) thanks for sharing Sonia

In my highest energy states yes, usually linking hands and sitting to the sides. Most are welcome. It is a pleasure to see them if any want to stop by. On my best days they appear as strands of white energy linking together with everything else, on other days of slightly lower energy, static dots.

A couple of the spiralling jelly fish like creatures are not so much welcome. If you get any negatives in there, main thing to remember is when you move they have to as well. You are always in control of focus/direction/space/time etc. They are in your world when 'seen' (your projection of experience).


I used to get frequency announcements when they arrive, if my third ear is tuned in and working correctly.

WBV, thanks for sharing and welcome to the plane just beyond the physical. If you get any further than that, or have any other experiences please let me know, always enjoying hearing about them :), calling on the 4 arch angels will probably resonate quite loudly for you now if you ever feel the need.

I sometimes like to stare into the sky when the its clear. There are no clouds, so there is a beautiful clear sky. I use it as a backgroud and wth in a couple seconds I can see what looks like static white dots but I also see blak dots coming down to the earth. I feel this is just a mirror of whats inside me but im not afraid, more in aw. Im not sure what this is but none the less not afraid. WBV


I do that exact same thing Ivan!  When the sky is clear the static is sensational!  


Kfive wholeness brother. Any idea wha his means, I figure its mirroring whats inside. When I cross my eyes int his state I then realize its not there but whats is within. I literally can see these sitting right on top of my eyes.



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