Nothing is external from you
nothing is causing you pain accept you. how can we "blame" someone when they are not aware they are doing something wrong. there is no such thing as an evil person, when someone is unaware, that is ignorance. ignorance is when someone doesnt know something.
"blaming" is one of those traits that hold us back.
No one in this world can ever do anything wrong. Everything is done out of ignorance.

"let him without sin throw the first stone" ... "Forgive them father for they know not what they do" -Jesus.

No one is a sinner. There is no sin that is not actually just ignorance.

The proverb "The road to hell is paved with good intention" says it all.
we blame everyone else and have a hard time to admit when we are wrong. Even if someone is not innocent, "do not see falt or else our eyes will become faulty "- Sarada Devi.
The reason we are suffering is because we see others as separate.
dont even pity another, even that is disrespect.
When you see yourself in everyone else, even there eyes become ours.
So not only do we blame others but worse then that we blame ourselves.
That is why we blame others, to soothe the pain by making everyone our equil, because misery loves company.

The reason for anger is defending ones ego, that truth comes out subconsciously creating even more self guilt and shame then blame. Then your mind takes on new forms, makes more excuses and Blame starts to corrode the senses. the senses are acting out the whims of denial. it is none other then your own fear, your own self hate.

Ask yourself who is it that sins? Who? You are not your mistakes.You should never identify yourself with your mistakes. That is objectifying your self, whom is a pure soul lost in delusion. You are subjective, ever changing, ever loving, timeless entity, suffering just like your brothers and sisters. Who is to blame? Light, and his consort darkness.
Duality is the essence of the world, without ignorance there is no wise one. Without sin there is no virtue to hold against it. Without ignorance there is no discovery.

A pendent on the bracelet of our mother, the earth, is the new discoveries that we rejoice in these 3 worlds when we see a puppy as a child and laugh and play. As we learn what is this scent of a flower? How could we ever discover if we hadn't been born of ignorance?

But deep down we all know everything. that is why it sparks some quest for truth, because we have just forgotten what is in our higher mind.

Be a warrior in the heart of wisdom by becoming the fool. Only when your cup is empty can it be filled. Sri Anandamayi maa said this deep esoteric truth:

Is one who does not know anything able to become angry? One who KNOWS is angry, because "this" or "that" is not how it should be. But the fool cannot be angry because he does not know how things should be. - Ma Anandamayi

understanding duality is understanding that the two opposing forces are just two sides to ONE coin. The coin can not have one side, in that case there never would be a flower, never would the river find its source, the ocean.
When vibration slows down to the point of the dence material reality we see that low vibrations, or maya, or satan, is the cause of the material reality itself. It's the cause of all that you see. it's only seen as negative because of that separation from god. it is illusory and we are suffocating. we know deep down inside that we are not separate after all. This temporary suffocation is from being unconscious of god. Its what causes all the pain in the world. But even pain has an opposer... That is pleasure. in the 3 worlds even the happiest most realized person is still a victim to pain and pleasure. When one sees everything as the observer they have no reaction to mans ignorance. They see them as actors in a play, not getting so involved with the movie that they are shouting obscenities at the screen and blaming the actor for the illusion at hand. He is just playing his role. Doing his duty as the operator of Mother's cosmic delusion. so beautiful our mother is that she can create endless landscapes of harmonious sacred geometry touching unfathomable reaches. We should learn to love mother, she is the stern mother kicking us from her nest so we can fly. Only when we experience darkness can we tunnel out gaining wisdom from our mistakes.


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Thank you brother , listening to it right now. 



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