Can anybody elaborate on the states of consciousness sevan speaks of in a few of his videos,
Netherworld- Plasma-Ethereal-Vast Face-Oversoul-Clear Face- Worldbuilder- Bridge
are these synonymous/comparable with the chakras or are theses certain levels of awareness after complete circuits of chakra awakening? 
If someone could break down what each stage entails or refer me to a video where such knowledge is prominent it would be greatly appreciated

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Moving through those stages can be seen as developing them in a specific order, or progressively... but first breaking apart the previous one, in a matter of speaking: figuring out that world and then be able to release from it, like a level completed. But since our innerverse works best when it is being re-cycled, this probably means we need to get back at each world and get the best use out of each one. Those states can be seen as the development of chakras yes, since each chakra represent the different emotional experiences that govern our lifes and also represent the alchemy process that transmutes the energies or elements within. To understand better your question there is a book Sevan released here that explains what is entailed in each chakra, you can get it here:

It's an awesome reading as it breaks apart in detail about each chakra and what they represent in certain periods of life.

I believe that when a person breaks apart each of those chakras he/she taps into new kind of chakras possibly located in other places of our auric field. I think all possible chakras are already imbued within us they just need to be activated. Just like raising the level of perception through for example meditation, leads us to aknowledge there are sensations we now feel better but they already existed before, we just didn't felt them more often and that rhythm of How often, can be pretty sparse... lol. Experiencing things in shorter periods builds up memories better, and then we can get them.

A world is not to be seen only as a sphere like this planet it is also whole metaphysical platforms revolving around us carrying all our experiences. Some people don't dare to jump from one platform to another. It needs allowing to consider that letting go of every thing... is actually gaining a bigger every thing. When a person reaches the state of Bridge, he is able to connect to all other previous platforms but he can do it faster so there is no wobble, like a coin that spins perfectly balanced in high speeds and more so if he finds perpetual energy. Moving at those speeds mean that a person doesn't really stop or takes too much time in each, so the effects are not really attached in a way as to get the person stuck. High spins, high vibrations. Now imagine a person only knows 2 states or worlds. He will be jumping from one to another, not many choices of where to be right? Even worst if both worlds are still primitive and animalistic like. And then imagine a person that knows 8 worlds and has the proper vehicle to travel to any of those at harmonic speeds. If the fuel is pure like high octanes than that vehicle will be able to move fast! Several choices to choose from created from experience. Emotional experience that comes from knowledge. The Netherworld is limited by it's own ceiling, wich is just the ground of the Bridge, but if the bridge doesnt have a ground to stand from it can be projected... but not really have where to be unpacked or manifested.

As I am struggling for innerstanding I am Feeling the Balance on this post! Meditation is key and  I loved Chakra Yoga tool its very resourceful; Thank you. WBV




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