Hello All,

Here are a few ebooks outlining sacred geometry and furthering your understanding into this ancient science.  Please enjoy...

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Thanks for these William!! 


Well, several years ago I discovered that if you played certain chord structures - they would invoke certain emotional effects within people.  Since then, I have used music to produce wonderful pieces of music, mainly solo piano music in order to achieve balance and harmony not only within myself - but within others as well.  Personally, I have used music in working with Ozark Research Institute here in Fayetteville in regard to laying down some tracks behind the founder's "Unconditional Love" meditation and have also been awarded the key to the City of Fayetteville for producing the musical melodies ....

Since that time, I am always searching and finding incredible examples of geometrically-inspired music on the Internet. Some examples include: Transmuteo DVD, J.S. Epperson's Higher Music with Purpose,  as well as others.

My purpose is to constantly find new ways to inspire my soul through music and meditation and whatever works for me may work for you.  We are all on different journeys, but if you gather some nuggets of wisdom from these few sources that I have listed thus far, then please use them to your advantage.  Personally, I wish that we could download more than just 7 MB.  I would gladly share more.  Maybe I can find a way to condense certain files into .zip format for easier viewing.

Until then, keep growing and learning and HAVE FUN.  This is truly a beautiful reality we live in with so much abundance and possibility - that it would literally blow your mind if you could allow yourself to see 1%...

To your continuing growth....

This is simply fantastic, how old are you may i ask William?

kindof personal - but 30 years young...

thanks for the books! linked them around to a few friends too. 

thank you so very much for the books,im new to all this great stuff like books, this site, and friends  feel free to text me have a great day.

Thank you for sharing this information brother. Be well.

Thanks for the books, great tools to work with 

Be Whole 

Charles (Neo)

Thank you William! These are precious nuggets for sure! Wholeness says it all!

William, I can not express enough gratitude to you for sharing these. I have a 15 y/o that has chosen to withdrawl from public school (common core) and take her education into her own hands with a little guidance from me. When we discussed what curriculum she wanted to use for math, she said Sacred Geometry! I have looked for something similar all summer to no avail. Thank you so much, you have no idea how excited we are to start!


The ophanic revelation is also a decent read. Though it's got some programming in as all things have, the shapes speak for themselves.



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