Here is a program that is very useful to putting pieces together in regards to who you are. Simply type your full name in the box then click the "word" button and it will show you all the possible words that can be spelled with your name.

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Do you have this for Mac?

This was interesting. Seems I'm a "Pirate with an ace heart" another one was raw, rich neat aptitude ... cool program

Im always amazed at the "tools" people will seek out and utilize towards the hopeful end of self-actualization and self-realization. You want a useful tool for "putting the pieces together in regards to who you are" - how about accessing the unconscious, preconscious and subconscious realms of your being.  

Words are only 1 of numerous dichotomies affecting us every moment, Words, provide us with the dichotomy of grammar, Who, What, Where, When and How & Why, this is only 1 dimension of our being and experience. Why limit yourself to words? DO YOU REALLY WANT TO PUT THE PIECES TOGETHER - then you MUST be able to see the unseen, as well as the seen. ONLY SOS objectively reveals the seen and unseen, revealing the TRUTH of every aspect of your being. Are you ready to face the TRUTH of Who, What, Where, When, How and Why your life is what it is, and so much more?

NOTHING compares to SOS.  

Sevan, I've communicated with you and given you the opportunity to utilize the Signature of the Soul and face the truth hidden in the unconscious realms of Soul, yet several years now later, you have failed to accept.  My question to you is: what are you afraid of? 

There are only two motivators:  fear and love.  The choice is yours.

I remain in Service to Love, Truth, Beauty and Peace.

Deleting a post is nothing shy of censorship - unbelievable.

Words of wisdom: Don't be sorry be right!  If you perceive my comment as "totally out of line and doesn't even make sense" the intelligent response would be to gain clarity by asking questions. If you perceive my comment as negative, then I suggest you expand your perception. When one lacks understanding, when words are not comprehended, the student resorts to the dictionary - a remarkable resource when one fails to comprehend the language. I AM only subject to my will and nothing more or less - that is my choice; thru knowledge there comes wisdom and understanding.  You may choose to live in a reality that is "subject to these tools" so be it; that is your choice.  I choose Truth! 



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