Here is a program that is very useful to putting pieces together in regards to who you are. Simply type your full name in the box then click the "word" button and it will show you all the possible words that can be spelled with your name.

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Hmm I'll be sure to check that and compare it to Abjad and Chaldean number systems.
thanx for the link!
I didn't even get that far yet its good to know you have, I will try it asap. Welcome to The Resistance Northern Hemisphere by the way, I'm Sevan.
Paulo Jorge da Costa Guimaraes
csibi imre
Very interesting, everything seems to make sense. But i'm quite skeptical.
Sounds interesting Sevan,looks like it will have on-going use,thanks
Hi guys, just tried the software and am getting loads of words but don't know how to get a reading like the ones posted here, can anyone help?
"Water-Table, Solar rent", is my anagram.
Al Stewart, how did you narrow the anagram options to just one?
It was what was left blinking when I weeded. So I figured that was my anagram.
I usually do this myself. We're made of sounds, but to me the order of the sounds counts as much as the sound of each letter. Maybe I'm wrong, but music is the only law I abide by on this dimension. Maybe I'm conceited, but at least I'm something to myself in my apparently own mind, who knows...................
Daniela, Dala, Lana, linda, nada, dale................... all Spanish..........and there are so many. It's fun, as any other thing when you try to get somewhere else.



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