on the kundalini thing , i hear alot of talk on kundalini , but as of now ive heard no one shed any light whatsoever on the time frame , how to tell if its activating , what chakra it may be at or any way to guage or meter it whatsoever . Can someone speak on this please ?

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Lord Sanada,

I saw a couple of different images on the different volumes (I through V) but I'd say yes, those are among the things I have seen that actually fall into a category of "Least Talked About" because of a fear of being thought of as insane by myself as well as others. I have seen the cord that seemed to come out of the sky - not with the naked eye but in a photo I took while driving when I felt something attaching to me. That cord seemed to attach to the windshield of the car and not my body. One of the most bizarre occurences though are the messages I sometimes see in cloud formations. This used to be a daily thing and is now more rare. So you have some insight on this stuff? Would you recommend I read Matrix V starting with volume 1? Thank you

Earthvessll, you are not crazy, I have seen these things with my physical eyes when i was about 22 years old, read Robert Monroes books of the Monroe Institute.  Also read Matrix V.  If ou have other questions if you are not scared asked yours.  You are one of them or should I say one incarnation of SHEM.  If you need to converse further just hit me up.

Those things are the HIGERSELVES.  YOU are one of them you are to be congratulated on making contact.  Although you will progress further.  TTYL.

Lord Sanada, Thanks for the info - a real mind blower! It feels like that's the message I've been hoping for - some key to making sense out of this. I have lots of questions but I'll look at the stuff you mentioned first. Be well.

Lord Sanada, I do have to ask a couple of questions for now, just because I want to make sure my response to situation is correct. There are frequently multiple entities around me. They seem  to have nested in my bedroom and come into contact with me most when I lie down in bed. My head and feet is where they go most, and I feel either a tingling at the top of my head or an intense vibration in my body depending on where they are. There's also one or more entities that enters my body,  mostly around the base chakra and always from the back, so if I'm lying on my back it jumps inside the mattress and works its way through. I  used to think it was several entities because it happened so frequently, but it might be one or two circulating over and over. All types of entities come around during meditation, and they seem to show up regardless of my state of mind. in other words, I don't have to be in a deep state of concentration or relaxation. So one of my questions is, can you shed any light on what is happening here? Unlike the few previous paranormal experiences I've had, there is no verbal or telepathic communication that I can tell.

 Another happening is various sounds - mostly low frequencies that seem to enable entities to enter - a sort of transdimensional travel method. I hear the tones at all hours. Late at night and early morning they seem to vary more. Last night I heard a series of frequencies that seemed to accompany one or more entities that came into my space. Then I heard what sounded like a distant chant - honestly it most sounded like the Muslem call to prayer. Have you had similar experiences. I try to avoid thinking in terms of duality (this is good/bad) but sometimes I get some very strange physical (headaches) or mental issues (depression), so I'm not sure if I should somehow resist or be doing something else in particular. I appreciate any guidance you can give me and I will be reading Monroe and the Matrix. Thank you

Earthvessel, i was laying in bed one night and i too saw this energy moving across the room and enter my body thru my feet, I have also heard sound frequencies that sounded very beautiful and it is like nothing on earth.  

There are all types of entities that  we share space with or should i say share frequencies with us, the only difference is are ability to be at theses certain frequencies.  sound is a frequency, in the physical realm where you are currently focused it general is called a mantra, metu neter, chant, affirmation, prayer, etc etc.

Robert Monroe"s institute is in Virginia, be careful there, government monitored.  It dealt with brain entrainment using sound frequencies to allow you into alternate realities.  There is life all around you, you just don't see it because you have been programmed from birth not to.  

Duality is Polarity it is how we learn.  This reality is an illusion pulled over your eyes, it looks, taste, and feels real, IT AIN'T.  What you are getting is a taste of the real. Welcome to who you are.

Earthvessel, These frequencies are oftentimes called densities/ astral planes and their are many of them if you are having OBE you will get to see them but be careful where you go on this planet.  The earth is just a hollowgram created by us, different Higherselves, to learn.  You cannot die you are immortal, but the hologram can as it is not real.  WE ARE EXPERIENCING LIFE thru the different incarnations thru a multiplicity of  cultures on this orb.  The physical vessel is limited, however, once you become aware of the other vehicles to experience it, the possibilities are endless.     

Lord Sanada, Based on all that you've written here I now think I've been using some rather simplistic logic on a very complex situation. I like what you said about duality - polarity being an opportunity for learning to discern. So maybe a particular entity was the cause of a severe panic attack I had while in the dentist's chair last week, but my reaction and attitude was that I have to protect myself from all of them. As I learn to discern more, I should be able to overcome such reactions issues - or maybe even put these types of issues behind me. I'm curious on your take to Bruxby's post and the idea of extending love to all?  

I also want to answer your question about the nature of the panic attack. Its not something I would have understood the severity of at all until I had the experience. It a feeling of being trapped, constrained and not being able to breathe.  I was confined -sitting in the chair with the dentist taking n impression with the clay-like stuff they use, and not supposed to move. Usually this is not a problem at all. But now and then lately - and on that day something started telling me I HAD to move my jaw, I had to swallow, I had to jump out of the chair, etc. I forced myself to stay and felt a wave of heat moving through my body - very uncomfortable, then I broke into a sweat and my heart rate must have been way up! You might ask why i didn't just get up. I've done that a few times lately at that office and I felt like if I did it again I'd be too embarrassed to go back...Since then when I get that feeling or start thinking about it I have a phobia of being trapped of constrained and not having the option of jumping free. It's intense enough a feeling that I feel I would have to choose death over being confined like that. Crazy & true...   

may i interject and say that i don't have an acute awareness of these things but i feel this may be a helpful story from the third chapter of the dhammapada:

8. Kumbhupamam kayamimam viditva 
            nagarupamam cittamidam ñhapetva
Yodhetha maram paññayudhena 
            jitañ ca rakkhe anivesano siya. 40.


8. Realizing that this body is (as fragile) as a jar, establishing this mind (as firm) as a (fortified) city he should attack Mara 9 with the weapon of wisdom. He should guard his conquest 10 and be without attachment. 11 40.


    Many monks who were meditating in a forest were troubled by the tree-deities. When they sought the advice of the Buddha they were advised to extend their loving-kindness towards them all. They did so with the result that those very deities later proved very helpful to them. Comparing the body to a vessel, the monks developed insight. The Buddha read their thoughts and projecting Himself before them confirmed what they thought.

Bruxby, I love this story! As a practicing buddhist I have been given this same advice by friends and mentors in the past, and I had been putting it into practice - well, maybe not extendng Love toward them as much as passive observation. Things were fine until I had a severe panic attack about 10 days ago and I suspected it was caused by entities. But I think this might be a timely lesson, and maybe I need to actually extend Love rather than just acceptance. I've also been using the Heart Sutra quite a bit and found it very helpful. Thanks again Bruxby.  Stay in the Light!!!   

okay i am glad you are aware of this already. then we can proceed. if you are still afraid of these entities which blocks the love from your eminence then you can use different aspects of your consciousness such as this invocation:

The Law of Challenge. We have the right to ask of another his or her intent, identity, and whatever pertinent information we feel we require when encountering a disembodied being. Those who come to us in the roll of information givers to channelers don't mind being challenged. Ask the entity your questions three times (using the same words each time) and you will be given the correct information.


but that is for persistent cases which i think you may be involved in. 

the next thing is to take responsibility for your own consciousness. even if others sentient beings may influence us we have to put up our guard and be disciplined (yoga) or you can try the other route which is usually risky but sometimes pretty fun and allow everything to be as it is, there is other routes like investigating who you are and all these things and their variations may be combined, mixed and matched to your preferences and taste. 

take care and good luck



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