on the kundalini thing , i hear alot of talk on kundalini , but as of now ive heard no one shed any light whatsoever on the time frame , how to tell if its activating , what chakra it may be at or any way to guage or meter it whatsoever . Can someone speak on this please ?

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Thanks Jana, I find all of that fascinating. I believe I also experienced what you refer to as "clockwork" first thing in the morning. I'll occasionally check in with my 3rd eye when I wake up to get a sense of what's happening around me and within. One morning I had a very distinct view of what I thought of as a sort of ceiling fan that was spinning slowly. Later on I googled it and eventually came across some information on the "Law Wheel" or "Dharma Wheel". One problem I have is information overload. Lots of material out there. The challenge is often narrowing down and focus

True observation regarding the availability of an abundance of information these days. As the veils thin as they say more information pours in and is interpreted by a specific person then often portrayed artistically in one form or another including writing, orating, etc. For sure one learns to engage internal checks and balances to determine what is worth one's while to digest. When I begin to feel overwhelmed by interesting finds I may or may not have 'time' to soak in,  I remind myself that all lies within to re member. This will often subsequently manifest with external balance.  It can be comforting and often synchronistic to find an external source that assists in awakening one to increased perception of truth, albeit possibly within the subconscious :)

I recall a vision in which I was attached to a similar wheel as you mentioned but it was the karmic wheel I believe. I was able to detach myself and observe it from a different space. I took this to mean that it was possible to loose and free one self from bands of karma that no longer serve one in this lifetime and have noticed related change within the external. As for a dharmic wheel if I recall it symbolizes protection, creation, sovereignty, etc. as related to law. All well and good if said laws are not misrepresented or abused within a system. Of course power lies in belief. Perhaps these 'wheels' show up in conjunction with activation and serve as pearls instigating inquiry and further movement towards balance.

I'm starting to really feel the pathway of my spine. More so my entire body! Can see layer upon layer within layer sooooooo many parts to charge.

Testing out my thoughts. I read of a gate being located at the pelvis area. I feel fear being charged into me left kidney. There is also a sharp feeling on the right lymph node of my pelvis.

I feel it is all a distraction, but before I never really noticed it.

thank you for all of this. it's helping me to rebuild and repair my energy vehicle. 

Hi all, I'm amazed and baffled by my situation. I described it awhile back and asked if anyone had anything similar. Now I'll try again with some additional detail. My history can be described as spotty I guess; hardcore drug use for about 15 years followed by spiritual practice and living clean for the next 15. Then a relapse after some poor choices and 10 years in a fog of self-obsession.  That phase ended with a call to ascend from entities claiming to be spirit guides. After going along with what I was being told to do for a few days with no discernable result, I'd had enough and asked them to leave. When they ignored my request I got angry and things got nasty. For the past 18 months I've been clearing my head and spirit and strengthening my energy body. The entities are still with me though what once was terror is now indifference. They seem at times to be part of my body, causing vibration in different parts of my body - sometimes intense, sometimes very subtle. This led me to wonder if it were Kundalini rising. I understand K takes many forms and process' so I know anything is possible. What is most difficult in my process is a prolonged depression and frequent panic attacks. Yesterday during a dentist appointment I experienced my most intense panic attack. I felt as if I was locked in a coffin and if I had a gun I would have considered blowing my brains out. A day later I feel like I saw something very valuable in those moments, but I'm not able to say what that is. I did feel like it was those same entities causing my anguish and that's what inspired me to post again. If anyone has any insight or experience dealing with this, I would appreciate some input.

that sounds awful. i am sorry that you are going through such a tough time. what have you tried so far. what has worked to help you deal with your pain? have you connected with your friends or family about what you have been going through and how did they react? 

i encourage you : don't give up your faith and your hope that you will prevail. you will have to keep making the choices that are painful to deal with your own pain. it is strange that way, but if you are feeling pain as it already is you can decide if you want to make different choices from your past decisions and see if you can create and manifest a new reality and see if the old pain fades away. it strange how our past connects with our present and then leads to our future but to be here and now with awareness and taking time out of your day to slow down when you can may help your perception of your consciousness. 

good luck and take care

It may be some sort of contract and possibly related to 'doors' opened during drug use. This may seem simplistically obvious but have you been able to meditate as to the origin of the entities? I have observed situations where entities seem to become present following a 'bad trip.'  On some level they are a part of you and the label 'spirit guide' was the one your mind registered. Of course many consider such beings/entities a 'positive' and that is ok for them.  A first thought for me would be to determine whether or not the entity/entities is/are annoying. What frequency are they on? From whence is the projection. A cancellation so to speak of contracts could be considered another form of separation but in the past I have used such visualizations/tones to balance out and return to an equilibrium. Not in a hostile way, just a recognition that something is outa whack and may need to adjust. Depression, panic attacks, and suicidal ideation certainly elude to that in your case. One might even consider a visualization of transmuting the energies into their next phase and hopefully not in your face all the time.

Or, as you questioned yourself, they may be present as a means of assisting you in an awakening/kundalini/etc. surge. Of course you would have brought them yourself on some level. This might sound funny but maybe inquire into whether they have anything in their bags other than terror and indifference, or were those emotions yours towards them? Kinda like 'yo, what's in it for me' :)

An inquiry: How did the 'call to ascend' as you mentioned manifest?

From my understanding drug use can attach negative entities to you.  I had a friend whose Belief system was Islamic, I gave her sufic mantras to chant.  If you have a particular belief system then you may need to find the words of power/mantras/affirmations that work for you.  Ask Sevan!!!

Lord Sanada, thanks for this - I mainly practice Buddhism and have used the heart sutra. This provided temporary relief but they always come back. 

Bruxby and Jana, thank you both for the support and insight. I do get a lift solely from your positive intent and good will. To answer Buxby's questions first, when the entities first surfaced 18 months ago I found I was on my own with the situation simply because the phenomena is too "out there" for most people to process or even believe. But one pleasant surprise at the time was my wife, who is an extremely linear thinker was very supportive and helped me get through it for awhile. Unfortunately she's done a complete reversal over the past 6 months and the relationship has fallen apart. Her behavior leads me to believe she's susceptible to some nasty thought forms.

Over the course of this year I've done a decent job staying positive. When I noticed the entities appearing as large white orb in late 2013, I became convinced things had shifted. I stopped worrying about spiritual parasites and fully resumed meditation practice. It helps that I can easily see the precious gifts that I've received through these experiences. My thinking has changed dramatically in several ways. It's way to involved to get into here but a few highlights: I have essentially stopped a lot of my negative thinking and judging others and found I am much more accepting of myself as a direct result. I've also come to understand the powerful connection between thoughts and my day to day experience and the fragile nature of what we call "reality". I think this lines up with what you wrote about how our past connects to present and informs our actions.

Jana, I go in and out of believing  they are part of me. Even when they've retreated in the past something stays with me. Like a constant vibration in one of my legs & feet or on my back. I've tried cutting cords and canceling contracts. As I look back at the whole experience, I guess the negatives could be a reflection of my inner condition. You asked how it started. I was awakened out of a sound sleep by a popcorn popping reaction in the mattress and my covers getting pulled and tossed. After a couple of days of intensive paranormal activity around me I heard a woman's voice in my left ear as I was driving to work one day. She was reciting the alphabet as a way of allowing me to "tune in" to her voice. To be honest, I don't think she initiated the talk about ascension. I think I asked and she told me what I wanted to hear. So you see, it's all somewhat ambiguous. I will take your suggestion and meditate on the nature of these entities and see if they're ready to move on...or otherwise if they have something more to teach me.

this is excellent! glad to hear about your progress. one thing that i have heard suggest by others is to be careful of judging. of course then you have to be careful of not judging. it is a balancing act. for the part of judging the duality of positive thoughts and negative thoughts both have their place and then you find out what your place is which is key. i really agree with you that our thoughts have a big connection to the manifestation in our daily lives. but what i am actually look for myself is the substratum consciousness which springs forth the thoughts. it may not even exist because i don't think i can think about but that is what i try to be aware of and meditate on.




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