9/11/2012 while talking to my son on chakra activation,describing how to do it,spontaneously awoke my kundalini. it was magical and wonderful.However for the past 2 years I've struggled in my head with all this information I received, I've scared off clients (my filter not so good)have become completely antisocial(by choice)When I heard Sevan talk about kundalini syndrome that's it!!!!I done went kundalini Krazy!!!!!!any survivors of this have advice?Any particular supplement?Ive just received my shilajit and etherium gold,starting with that.Thanks in advance,I know I'm needed to hold up frequency post,semi-activated indigo on the loose.love you all.

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There's a book called Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time that is read by the author here: http://podiobooks.com/title/deciphering-the-golden-flower-one-secre...

The author also delt with the fact that once activated, the kundalili continues to to due it's work. In his case working it's way throught the nervous system, healing and resetting damage that was done the body. He mentions that before we are born there is a blueprint of the body which is in a perfected state, our intended state. Due to various conditions encountered or created along the way the building of this perfected temple can take a turn.

It's a book worth reading/listening to. I can't say that it will answer your questions completely, however it my offer some valuable insights into this phenomenon that will assist you non the less. Make sure to listen to all 17 parts.

The title of the for-mentioned book refers to another book. A very old book that was translated from it's original text into English which is called Secret of the Golden Flower. This is definitely worth reading and adding to your collection. You can find the pdf here:


Wholeness, G33

I really appreciate that.I am definitely going to be reading that!!I definitely was not healthy at the time,still working on getting there.This is a big help,I need detailed info!!wholeness:)
Shilajit,etherum gold,cell salts,full moon kundalini syndrome GONE after 2 years!!!thank you sevan bomar!

How are things going? Have you found anything to assist you yet?

AMAZING thanks to Sevan Bomar.After the last full moon of transformation,I felt my kundalini stirring,I'd been taking shilajit,etherum gold, and cell salts,I meditated visualized activation and it went all the way through crown!!i intuitively did a fear releasing meditation right after!Ive never been better!!!!so happy!incredible,there are no words for the relief I feel!thank you it means a lot to me you asked.Activated Indigo mission on!!THANK YOU SEVAN BOMAR AND EVERYONE WHO IS A PART OF THE RESISTANCE!
Oh and I started the book!!i love it!!
G33 thanks again!!!!



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