Hello friends!

I have a question for the kundalini adepts out there:

I have recently been meditating with a focused awareness on my perineum, breathing into that area and practicing a light contraction and release of the muscles there.  I am meditating in this way to bring more consciousness and attention to my root chakra in order to facilitate healing and activating that energy center in my body.  

A very strong sensation has started to occur that feels like an intense painless heat radiating out from the base of my spine up into my belly, and it is very arousing (literally) and blissful.

What is going on??  Is this Kundalini?  Or is it a precursor to Kundalini?  Something else?  I am more than happy to provide more information to anyone that asks for it.  Thank you so much in advance for your replies, I am excited to hear back from you.

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Cool, so I have a good friend who is a Qi Gong master and she said, from the way I describe it, that I have an abundance of Chi in my dantien. Ok - so this is awesome! What a gift to innerstand! Thanks for all the views, folks.




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