on the kundalini thing , i hear alot of talk on kundalini , but as of now ive heard no one shed any light whatsoever on the time frame , how to tell if its activating , what chakra it may be at or any way to guage or meter it whatsoever . Can someone speak on this please ?

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Noitavlas, From my experience brother as far as time frame is concerned i have been as consistent as i can with juggling work with spiritual development. Minimum 2 days per week hour and a half to 2 hours per ritual. A few months over a year now at my practice. I'm starting to get good results.

Obviously you know that it starts at the Root and cycles up. All previous work i put in has allowed me to activate all Chakras. The goal is not just activate but rather fully open them. When the 3rd eye is active you will be able to Feel it more, Visualize, and with your intention direct energy flow.

With that said the way to tell if it is active and gauge it is to be able to feel it and visualize it. You will be able to strongly feel it hit your spinal cord and rise up. You should  be able visualize this serpentine energy in flash imagery after putting in over a year of practice. You will really begin to feel it charge up your spine with electric energy. Climbing all the way up through the pineal. It is very soothing, very blissful.

During my last ritual i actually saw the serpent climb my spine and I felt it wrap tightly around my 3rd eye with pressure around my head.  Hope this is helpful. Just my personal experience, stick with it and continue to put in more energy work consistently minimum twice a week.

"The doorway to the Universe only opens inwardly"


   so how many times do you think it is coiled around in the Cossix at the bottom of the spine . Maybe about 8 times or so ?  Maybe some people have more windings or turns on theirs than others . Maybe the more times you cycle the energy , more coils start to grow . So if this is such powerful energy than it would probably work through some kind of biological inductive reactance , like in an A.C. circuit . And the more turns of wire you have on your coil the more inductive reactance (  Magnetic current )  can be generated . So the cells pop off energy like capacitors static charge , and resonance is where Inductive and Capacitive reactance meet in the the middle of the frequency chart .    Makes sense to me .

Good question bro. I dunno, For me it seems that it is generated from the breathing technique. Verses something that just lays dormant in the Cossix. That does make sense. The human vessel has much circuitry.

In a sense you are a bio organic wind turbine.

Well from my understanding it was coiled around so a person had to be able to control their sexual energy , as a initiation of decilpline type of thin

I thought it could actually be raised immediately thru certain mediums like the cycled orgasm, mantras, and contact with an activated being. Is it possible either way but differentiated by the other factors that bring inherent risks or repercussions? 

     It would lay dormant in the cossix if it never built up enough current due to it being drained off too often by those that are still completely unaware it exists .  Its like that coil is the test point . Once you get through the root chakra the rest is strait up sort of speak . But maybe certain universal  blood types have larger hearts , larger lungs , and about 13 turns on their coil instead of eight . So its harder for them to get to the control point . But once they do they are emmitting  stronger current .

If you look on the main page to the site, there is a post if you scroll down called "how to I activated my Kundalini." Also, there is the book of the month on the main page (which is actually also linked in the article). All your questions about this are contained in these. There is also an article I posted on "Recovery from the standard American diet".  I cannot stress enough that all these materials are thoroughly read through before attempting to awaken this energy.

noitavlas777, I think another relevant resource to take into account is " Ascension Techniques" video published by Sevan - it's located in  the "Ascension Techniques Group."

I inadvertently started tuning in to transdimensional life forms over a year ago and it's just occurred to me recently that it could be Kundalini activation. It started with a contact from some previously unknown "guides" who claimed they were charged with helping me ascend but when that hit a snag (maybe I wasn't ready), it turned into something closer to a poltergeist. It took me several months to get a handle on things and get grounded. Along the way I encountered shadow people, energy parasites and a variety of others. This all served as great motivation to get back on my path. Once I reached a certain point, the types of entities I encountered seemed to change - from malicious to more neutral, and they began to appear to me as orbs. Over that same time I began feeling frequent vibrations in my body, originating in my left foot for a brief time and continuing on the other. These then moved to other parts of my body. It has now gotten to a point where I can feel the vibrations all the time in varying degrees. I have also had strange headaches throughout the entire 14 months. I think of them as strange because they often happen in one spot, including the right or left side of my forehead or crown area. Whether this is actually kundalini rising or something else, it has served to help push me to see - and lessen the role of my ego in my day to day life. I've asked around and searched on the web but I still am not able to get any specific, definitive answers on what its all about. Many of my symptoms are consistent with K activation, but the fact that much of what I experienced was external - or seemed to be, makes me wonder.  Any ideas anyone? 

Prior to my main kundalini experience I very often felt vibrations coming up from the earth and into my legs then throughout my body. I also experienced headaches in relation to the kundalini hitting and engaging the pineal. These headaches came in conjunction with ear popping, pitches, etc. commonly thought to coincide with activation. An inquiry to higher self will provide answers in one form or another as activation is available to most yet can be unique in it's progression.

Just to add another experience to this post. A few years ago I completed a meditation that included deep breathing and visualization of the serpentine energies coiling up the spine through the crown and various points within the brain then flowing out and down again to begin again. When it occurred it looked somewhat similar to a toroidal flow. Within minutes of completing the meditation I felt intense vibration in the coccyx and, as they say, the rest is history or herstory rather in my case :) Following this I have had physical and visual reminders of where the energy is concentrated including seeing 'clockwork' like wheels and grid pattern upon awaking in the morning. I have also noticed external cues as a pointer regarding where the energy might be in the cycle. One of the first extreme experiences prior to the kundalini rising was sitting in a park looking up at the trees. For several seconds the trees rippled 'unnaturally' as if they were about to disappear. This occurred approx 8 years ago after reading 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.'  Now this happens fairly regularly and I have gotten used to wondering if the external as it has been known to me will simply disappear.

I feel there are many paths/ways to awakening this powerful energy within.

An aside. In my experience the visual grid patterns, etc. only lasted a short while in conjunction with particular activating processes and chakra adjustments. Auditory tones may also phase in/out as one becomes accustomed to activation and subsequent link to organic systems within and without.

'Unnatural' rippling seemed to serve as a lesson and reminder that surrounding creations are more fluid than one may have been taught or experienced empirically.



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